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 Wishing all mothers, a very Happy Mother’s Day. I will miss meeting all my friends at the Asheville Sungam and the Cato Manor temple. This is the meeting place for all the former residents of Mayville and Cato Manor. 

After the counting process was over the DMK party was declared the winner and MK Stalin becomes the new CM of Tamilnadu. People are hoping for a new thinking in policies and hopefully logic will prevail over sentiment. It must be daunting for a new government to be taking office during the worst Covid numbers and also the state coffers that have been depleted by numerous adverts by the last government in all the major newspapers. Also he has to counter the interference by the central NDA government led by the BJP. In his first day of office Stalin has approved some relief to families and also free travel for women in town buses. Of the many ministries that he has announced is the Ministry for Non-Resident Tamils Welfare. Hopefully this ministry will help amongst other matters, in the teaching of the Tamil language and culture among the Tamil diaspora. 

mothers day

MK Stalin

Sultan film

is a Tamil movie starring Karthi and Rashmi Mandana and can be seen on Discovery Hotstar. The story revolves around Sulthan (Kathi) trying to rehabilitate a group of rowdies who used to work for his late father, to save them from being targeted by the police. He goes with them to a village on the pretext that one of them is going there to propose a girl for marriage. Unknown to him this is the village where the inhabitants are being threatened by a ruthless gang leader, and before his death his father had promised to help them. While at the village he falls in love with the Rukmani (Rashmika) daughter of the village elder and he delays their return and decides to stay back. When he finds out the reason why the villagers are terrorised, he decides to change the rowdies into farmers to help them. 

The rest of the story is how he saves them from the ruthless gang and at the same time keeps the promise of rehabilitating his friends. I have seen Rashmi in urban roles where she is absolutely cute however she just does not suit the role as a village girl. They should have chosen one of our local girls. The movie has also been dubbed in Telugu but not yet released on the OTT platform. 



The IPL has been indefinitely postponed – some will say not too soon. Many people thought it was morally wrong that the IPL was taking place while people were dying all over India and especially just outside the grounds where the matches were taking place. However to the defence of the IPL authorities the matches did not contribute to the general public contracting the virus like they did at the election rallies and the religious gatherings. The cricketers and the officials were tested regularly and also lived in a bubble. However the bubble was breached leading to some cricketers becoming Covid positive. I personally could not understand the difference as a TV audience watching an IPL match to watching a TV series or a movie. 

The management of CSK with the other owners really went the extra mile in getting the cricketers home. Balaji who was positive and Hussy who was negative was flown by air taxi to Chennai where they were admitted to the Apollo Hospital. Imran Tahir was flown by a chartered flight to his home in Dubai. I wonder if he lives anywhere near the Guptas. Arrangements have already been made to fly the other nationals back to their countries except the Aussies who will be flown to Srilanka or the Maldives where they will stay till their government allows them entry. 

IPL 2021 postponed

Covid in Tamil Nadu

As expected, the latest numbers from the five states (including Tamilnadu) which had elections recently are all showing very high numbers of Covid patients. India saw over 400,000 new covid positive people in the last 24 hours. Tamilnadu itself saw almost 25,000 new cases since yesterday. 

The state government has declared a partial lockdown till May 20. All shops will close at 12 noon. Passengers on trains are restricted and cinemas, salons etc are closed. All gatherings are also stopped. All major shops with Aircon, shops in malls and shopping complexes are closed. There is a curfew from 10 pm till 4 am daily and 24 hours on Sundays. I personally try and stay indoors most of the day and only go out late at night when I take our dog for a walk. 

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