WATCH: Enjoy Enjaami playlist – covers and lyrics

Ever since the hit Tamil Song Enjoy Enjaami dropped a few months ago, it’s skyrocketed. This will be the song you talk about in 50 years. We’ve put together a playlist just in case you’re one of those mix-tape ous with your favourite singer 20 different ways and sideways.

Its music aside, the lyrics and meanings are resonating with Tamil people in India and the Diaspora. The timing of the song is perfect, coming in after the Farmer’s protests in India and the general sense of hopelessness wrought by covid.

Artists are flocking to the song, churning out their own covers and interpretations.

The vocals only version: Prithika

The Diaspora:  n X t – sister duo

Canadian sistes N X T

The Celeb-lets-get-on-this version

The youth: Rebecca Rajesh | 5 years old


The Classical Dance: Bharathanatyam Cover

The guy who goes deep into the Lyrics: Nutshell

The Foreigner attempt: Emma Heesters

The Kuthu dance Version: Narvini Dery & Vashanth Sellathurai

The original and playlist:

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