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So the French President has admitted that the French government was complicient in the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and is hoping for forgiveness. The Rwandian President welcomed his speech saying, “it was more powerful than an apology”. Hopefully countries like the USA, UK, India, and others that stood in silence when over 40,000 innocent Tamil civilians were murdered in Mullivaikkal in Srilanka at the end of the civil war in 2009 will also some day come out with a similar apology.

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Tamil Online Classes: Some may think it is impossible to become literate in a language in 16 lessons. But we have achieved this in 12 lessons in a face-to-face class over the past 20 years. Due to an online class, we have increased it to 16 lessons. The methodology has been tried and tested; and specifically designed for individuals with tight schedules like school children and adults. The time is now! Let’s do this. #learntamil #learnthamizh

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The new web series November Story can be seen on Disney Hotstar. The series has seven episodes and is in Tamil. It stars Tamannah and Pasupathy and is directed by Indhra Subramanian. A celebrated crime novelist suffering from Alzheimer is found at a murder scene with no memory of what happened. It is left to his daughter to save him.

november story

The lockdown has resulted in some brilliant short films done on shoe-string budgets. Bloom is a Tamil/English movie of 35 minutes. If you don’t understand any Tamil, then you can switch on the English subtitles on the CC option. The movie is about the friendship of a girl stuck in Chennai by the lockdown. She works in Bangalore. By chance she hooks up with a guy who is also alone because of lockdown and living in the samestreet. We follow their friendship on social media until they finally meet. The film stars just two actors Mitra Visvesh and Ashwin Raam and both are excellent in their roles. The movie will also give you an idea of the lifestyles and mindsets of the young urban Indians. The movie was directed by Richard Anthony and was released on Madras Talkies YouTube channel.

Bloom movie

Ente Narayanikku revolves around two characters Ann and Arvind who are quarantined in adajacent flats. The movie is in Malayalam with some English so you will need the subtitles on.

The movie was directed by the young 29-year-old Varsha Vasudev who wrote, produced and directed the movie. The movie revolves around Ann who starts conversing with the guy in the next flat via the balcony and kitchen wall. Because he is reluctant to give his name, she uses the names from a popular movie ie Narayani for herself and Basheer for him. The film rests on the shoulders of Aditi Ravi and she is just too brilliant. We only hear the voice of Unni Mukundan as Basheer, but we don’t actually see him. This is definitely one of the best short films that I have seen for a very long time.


The Malayalam movie Sarbath is just over 5 minutes long but is probably one of the hardest hitting messages as to why we should observe social distancing. The movie which is sub-titled was dubbed into 5 Indian languages and I think should be used by the government in their Covid education.

All the above movies can be seen for free on Youtube. Just search using the name and language. The directors say that these movies will be seen in the future as to what the lockdown was all about.

Nada Inbam will host the following concerts from May 28 to 30 at 6.15 pm (2.45 pm in SA) on the Parivadini Music YouTube channel. Todays concert is by vocalist H Rathnaprabha followed by Kartik Narayanan (29th) and K Gayatri Prasana (30th).

India saw 181,513 new cases and 3,500 deaths yesterday. There is a significant drop in new cases however not much of a drop in daily deaths. The only positive is the very high recovery rate.
The figures in Tamilnadu (80 million people) are slowly coming down with 33,36 new cases per day. The daily death count has however increased to nearly 474. We have over 313,048 active cases and 22,289 total deaths. However, the new cases in Chennai has dropped significiently.

The state government has declared a lockdown till June 1. Only medical shops are open. Takeaways and food deliveries are allowed. The government has also ensured that vegetables are fruit are sold from vans so that people do not have to leave their homes. Lockdown remains from 10 pm till 4 am daily and 24 hours on Sundays. I personally try and stay indoors most of the day and only go out late at night when I take our dog for a walk.

One of the problems created by the pandemic is the plight of the children where both parents are in hospital and having to depend on the benevolence of their relatives and neighbours. However even more serious is when both parents succumb to Covid and they have no immediate family to take them in. The state government is making sure that these children are taken in by family units either friends, neighbours, relatives or foster families. The very last resort is placing them in institutions. Sonia Gandhi of the Congress party has asked the government to provide free education for children who have lost both their parents or an earning parent during the pandemic.

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