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 TFG: Congratulations to Kreason Moodley and his young team for being elected as the new office bearers of the Tamil Federation of Gauteng. Hopefully I will be able to give you the names of all the office bearers next week. Kreason who was a youth leader for many years was one of the four who were instrumental in keeping music alive in SA during the lockdown with their SA Musicians against Covid19 initiative. It is heartening that this site is back on track after a temporary halt as it was hacked. I still can’t understand what benefit anyone would get by doing this unless it is plain jealousy. 

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June is a Malayalam movie that has been on Discovery Hotstar for a little while. However, after seeing an interview by the very articulate Rajisha Vijayan (Karnan fame) I decided to see it. I must confess that I could not believe that I had not seen it earlier. The story takes you through the life of June from the age of a 16-year schoolgirl, through her college days then work and finally marriage. However, a major part of the film is about her days in the 11th and 12th standard and the fun and disappointments that they had growing up. Rajisha is just too good in portraying the character of June and at no time do you think she is not of the correct age group. All the youngsters who play her classmates have done an excellent job. Look out for a real cute role from Joju George as her father. It is a feel-good movie, and I will highly recommend it. 

June film

Vanjagar Ulagam is a Tamil movie in the gangster cum crime investigative genre on Netflix. Shyam wakes up to learn that he is the prime suspect in the murder of Mythili, a lady that lives opposite his flat. He is taken to the police station for questioning where he states that he did not know the lady. However, on further questioning he keeps on changing his story making him look guilty. He works in an admin capacity in a press office and one of the reporters Vishagan (Rajnikanth’s other son-in-law) is convinced that he is innocent and that a wanted criminal Durai is behind the murder. He works with the police and tries to apprehend Durai using one of his former henchmen Sampath. The movie is a real cat and mouse game between the police, the press, and the criminals. There are lots of twist and turns and you are kept guessing till the last few scenes. 


I am looking forward to seeing the movie Trippin’ with the Kandasamy’s which is on Netflix from today. It will be good to hear the Durban slang as I have not been to SA for the last two years because of Lockdown. 

‘Mangai Pangan – The ultimate One’ conceived and choreographed by senior Bharatanatyam dancer Priya Murle, will be presented on June 5 at 9 pm (5.30 pm in SA) on the Shri Silambam Academy Fine Arts Page on YouTube channel. It will be performed by Priya and her students. 

Flute Concert by Heramb and Hemanth accompanied by Vittal Rangan on violin, BS Prashant on mridangam and Omkar Rao on Ghatam June 6th at 7.30 pm (4 pm). You can watch the concert on the Sahasraa Foundation’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel. 

India saw 126,528 new cases and 2,599 deaths yesterday. There is a significant drop in new cases and in daily deaths. The figures in Tamilnadu (80 million people) are slowly coming down with 24,405 new cases yesterday. The daily death count however is still relatively high at 460. We have 280,426 active cases and 25,665 total deaths. However, the new cases in Chennai has dropped significantly. 

The state government has extended the lockdown till June 8. Karnataka state has extended their lockdown till June 14th so we are not sure if TN will follow them. Only medical shops are open. Takeaways and food deliveries are allowed. The government has also ensured that vegetables and fruits are sold from vans so that people do not have to leave their homes. Groceries can be ordered by phone and it will be delivered to you by the shop staff. Curfew remains from 10 pm till 4 am daily and 24 hours on Sundays. I personally try and stay indoors most of the day and only go out late at night when I take our dog for a walk. 

A new problem that is being experienced is the increase in a disease called mucormycosis (black fungus) among Covid patients especially those with diabetes. Although relatively still small in number patients are dying of this disease. 

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