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Chennai news 11 June

India stood silently when the Srilankan army ended the war on the island by killing over 40,000 Tamil civilians together with the Tigers. At that time India saw the Tamil Tigers as the enemy and probably thought that they would be better off with their elimination. However now they find China owing a strategic port in Colombo just 267 kms away. This is no doubt a threat to India. As a check against China, Tamil political leader Vaiko said that the UN should take a referendum (with India’s support) among Tamils living around the world to establish a sovereign state of Tamil Eelam. This state in his opinion would be a political, economic and defence base for India. 

Eelam Tamil

The Family Man is an Indian espionage action thriller streaming on Amazon Prime. The series became very topical when the second season started a few weeks ago as there is much controversy about the way the Tamil Tigers are portrayed. So I have decided to start watching it starting from season one. So far it has been very interesting. Srikant Tiwari is a middle-class man who also serves as a world-class spy. Srikant tries to balance his family responsibilities with the demands of the highly secretive special cell of the National Intelligence Agency that he is working for. One of the features of the series is that even though you can watch it many languages if you do watch it in English then you also get to hear the other Indian languages. Since Srikant is married to a Tamilian you also get them sometimes speaking in Tamil. Some of the characters also speak in Hindi and Malayalam. However, there are full English subtitles. I am really enjoying Season one and just can’t wait for season two to see what the controversy is all about 

Family man film

Watchman is a Tamil movie that can be seen in Tamil on Netflix. It stars GV Prakash and Suman. What happens when an out of luck youth who is in debt tries to burgle a house when he hears that the family living there have gone for a holiday. However unknown to him the owner who is a retired police commissioner is still in the house. Five terrorists who have escaped from jail also come to the same house to seek revenge against the owner who had put them in jail when he was in active service. What happens next is a cat and mouse game of survival by the owner and the youth against the terrorists. The two of them are aided by the owner’s dog Bruno. The movie is quite entertaining and keeps you alert throughout. 

watchman film

Pinky Memsaab is the first movie in Urdu that I have watched. The movie is on Netflix and is about a young lady from a Pakistani village who is given a job in Dubai. She is employed as a cook in a high society Pakistani family. Slowly under the guidance of the lady the house she changes into a more sophisticated person. However, she is dragged into the bitter relationship between the husband and wife and ends up leaving their employment and after some struggle finding a new job. We get to see the life led by people working in Dubai not just the high earners but also the ones who are not so well off. 

Pinky memsahib

Specks of Dust by Pragashnie Naidoo is a dark mystery fiction book based in Durban. It focuses on the children of an Indian family living the injustices of the apartheid system. The story highlights the cracks of society, exposing the taboo of those times to recognize the vulnerable, to say that they were not alone, and to help them heal from their wounds. It may help society right those wrongs by doing differently for the current and future generations. Incidentally Pragashnie is our client as she and her family travelled with us and we always support our clients in their endeavours. You can learn more about her by visiting her website 

Pragashnie Naidoo

Carnatic lovers can look forward to a new series called “On That Note” by singer Sanjay Subramanyan on his YouTube channel. The series consist of two-minute clips where Sanjay sings a certain raga and then shares some anecdote about his life. Sanjay speaks in English with a little Tamil in-between. 

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