zuma riots community

Communities in KZN, Gauteng prepare and urge citizens to get involved

The past few days of rioting in KZN, which was limited to Estcourt and Mooi River, on Monday spread to PMB, Durban and parts of Gauteng. To date, 12 July, there has been a recent announcement of the deployment of the SANDF but rioting is continued unabated.

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Communities have stood up to self-organise in the absence of government and police leadership. Community leaders are appealing for:

  1. Awareness – residents must be aware this is serious. Anything that looks untoward, call it in. Dont go somewhere unnecessary, make sure you know where friends and family are at all times
  2. Cool heads – do not provoke any violence. Walk away where you can. Think before you act. Calm the young and the hot-headed as they need guidance at this time
  3. Representation – the strong must step up, this usually means the men who need to take the role of primary protection. It’s how it has been since the beginning of time, take this responsibility.
  4. Resources – start gathering things you need. Give food and shelter to those who don’t have, including police and security. Be prepared to put out fires, keep buckets of water and sand.

Unbelievably, at this time, there is a movement by Government and certain media and organisations who want to ban firearms outright, thereby taking it from legally-owned citizens and ensuring only the police and criminals have these.

Please think about this issue and how it comes into sharo focus at times like these.

zuma riots community

zuma riots community

zuma riots community

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