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Chennai News 16 July

Vannakam All,
I am a little late today as I had some work done on my laptop. My son’s friend Sanjay changed my hard-drive to a new system and it is now really fast.
I hope the situation is coming back to normal in SA. I have included posts of a number of individuals and organisations that are organising collection of non-perishable food items to be sent to KZN. If there are others which I have not included please send to me and I will do a special posting.
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 It has been a very painful experience watching the photos and videos of the looting and destruction that has taken place in SA especially KZN over the last week. Even more sad is that this is happening in the already devastating world of Covid. It is because of social media we who live outside SA were able to keep informed of what is happening. 

I remember as a youth reading the book “Cry, the beloved country”, how apt this title is for what is taking place in SA now. South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with very few natural disasters so why inflict suffering on oneself. We are seeing wars and natural disasters causing starvation in many countries and it is heart-breaking. This should not happen in SA. We don’t want another Zimbabwe or even worse another Lebanon. 

I did manage to watch a few movies this week. If you have even the slightest interest in football, then watch The English Game on Netflix. If gives you a very good idea as the how modern-day football evolved from the game played at the Universities in London. However even if not a football buff, the series is much more than football and also delves in the lives of the main people involved. I found this so interesting that I watched the whole series late into the night and then the remaining part early in the morning. 

Varappogum 24 Manikkul on Amazon Prime is a murder mystery that will keep you guessing right till the end. Vidhya and Rahul are happily married until tragedy strikes and Rahul is murdered. This coincides with three convicts who were convicted for rape and murder escaping and, on the run, and taking refuge in the house where Vidya lives. I won’t tell you any more about the plot as you have to see it for yourself. The movie stars Eesha Rebba in the pivotal role and supported by Satydev, Srikanth, Ganesh Venkatram and others. 

Guilty is a Hindi movie that can also be seen in English on Netflix. The movie follows the story of a songwriter whose boyfriend is accused of rape during the #Me Too era. The victim comes from an economically background while the accused comes from a rich politically connected background. The movie also highlights the meticulous investigations of a lawyer in what seems to be an open and shut case. 

India recorded 38,949 new cases and 542 deaths yesterday. There is a drop in numbers. The figures in Tamilnadu (80 million people) are coming down with 2,405 new cases and 3,006 recoveries yesterday. The death count for yesterday is 49. We still have 29,950 active cases and 33,606 total deaths. Looks like the second wave is coming to an end but medical experts are warning that there may be a third wave in a few months’ time. Almost everything is open except cinemas, sports stadiums and concert halls. Numbers at weddings and funerals are still restricted at 50 and 20 respectively 

We must applaud the men and women of the CPF who risked their lives to protect their areas and stopped the spread of this madness. They were the real heroes. This was mostly in the absence of the police and the army who arrived too late. Unfortunately, some of them lost their lives. 

Because of the anticipated food shortages many individuals and organisations are collecting food items to send to the affected areas in KZN. We are including some of these initiatives as we receive them. If you want to use this newsletter and its readership to help in your initiative, then please mail me the details at or WhatsApp me at 0091 98412 48652. I don’t mind sending out these messages even if on a daily basis. 

One of the first initiatives was the men who drove from Azaadville in JHB with their own trucks & security 32000 loaves of bread & milk been distributed to all, Distribution is @ NMJ in Henry Road Durban 

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