Elders show how its done: making rotis to feed the needy at the Aryan Benevolent Home

Clive Pillay, the programme co-ordinator at the Mandela Youth Centre, said the idea to make the rotis came about after RK Khan Hospital approached them for a solution to the bread shortage issue. The rotis are currently being made at the ABH. Donations can be dropped off at our headquarters (80 Arena Park Drive, Chatsworth). For further information call 031 404 9523 or email pr@abh.co.za

The Home, deeply affected by the shortages over the rioting, found the strength to give hope to the even less fortunate:

A prayer for peace for all mankindThere is a beautiful hymn in the ancient scriptures of India. It is an Aryan Prayer and we at the Aryan Benevolent Home take great inspiration from it. It is also a Universal prayer and would appeal to open-minded people from all faiths.

“May there be peace in the heavenly regions;
May peace reign on earth and in the atmosphere;
Let there be coolness in the water;
May the medicinal herbs bring healing;
May the plants be peace-giving;
May there be harmony in the celestial objects;
May we have perfect eternal knowledge;
May everything in the universe be peaceful;
Let peace pervade everywhere;
May that peace abide in me!
May there be peace, peace, peace!

At the ABH, we are grateful that we have a legacy that honours noble ideals like Compassion and Love. Our founders were inspired by great love for humanity. That love sustains us today when hatred and violence is apparently holding sway over people and causing great tension and stress in their minds.

We commemorate Mandela Day today. We’d also like to thank everyone that has helped our 100 year old national Non-Profit Organisation during these trying times. Thank you very much for helping us care for 726 people which include the aged, frail, children and victims of domestic violence. For further information about the ABH, please call us on 031 404 9523 or email pr@abh.co.za www.abh.co.za

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