2021 Aadi Velli Prayer Guide

The Merebank Shree Parasakthie Alayam invites you and your family to join us on Aadi Fridays to give praise and pay homage to our beloved Mother Aadi Parasakthie by reciting the Sree Lalita Sahasra Namavali. We will be uploading a video of Guru Sankaran reciting the Sree Lalita Sahasra Namavali and we encourage you to join by offering Kumkum while reciting the mantras with Guru.

You and your family can follow the step-by-step prayer proceedings in guide below and observe Aadi Velli in your homes. We will upload the video at 06H00 every Friday during Aadi on our Facebook Page – The Merebank Shree Parasakthie Alayam or follow the link .

Prayer should be done with simplicity during these uncertain times, with one’s devotion being the main offering to Goddess Aadi Parasakthie.


Attached below is a step-by-step guide on how you can conduct the prayer at home.

Should you wish to contribute to the cost of the prayer or give a donation, you may do so by making a deposit or EFT into the Alayam bank account.

Name:  Merebank Shri Parasathie Temple
Bank: Standard Bank
Account number: 051673886
Branch code: 043326 Bluff
Reference: NAME + AADI

Kindly contact Guru Sankaran or message us should you have any enquiries about the prayer.

Please note that the Alayam is currently closed until further notice. Devotees who may require spiritual guidance from Gurukkal Sankaran, may contact him on 083 791 2585.

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all our devotees for your continued support and contributions to the Alayam.

We pray that you and your family remain safe during this Pandemic. May the Divine Mother Adhi Parasakthie guide us through this difficult time.

Om Sakthi, Parasakthie !
Om Sakthi, Parasakthie !
Om Sakthi, Parasakthie !

Kindly furnished from the Merebank Shree Parasakthie Alayam.

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