India independence day

Chennai News 13 August

 Sunday August 15th will herald the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence from British rule. However, we should keep in mind that Indians boast a civilization that is more that 6,000 years old and could be over 8,000 years old according to recent findings at the Harappan sites. This year will be a little more special as India did do relatively well at the just completed Olympics. 

Next will be the Para-Olympics and hopefully the sportspersons who do well there will be celebrated just as much as those at the Olympics. Lots of cash awards are pouring in for those who won medals. Winners are rewarded however not much is done for them when they really need help in their formative years. My son said that this is because people get more publicity in rewarding winners than supporting at grassroot levels. You are left with so much admiration when you read the stories of how many of these sportspeople especially the women overcome so much hardship and prejudice to succeed in their lives. However slowly the new trend now is that big companies are getting it.

India independence day

Navarasa: I completed watching this 9-part series last night on Netflix. I enjoyed some and did not understand some. However, the plus point is that you could see so many of your favourite actors in one place and also that all actors and technicians did their work for free. All profits went to the actors and technicians who were affected by the lockdown. You can watch it in Tamil or English. 

Kennedy Club. This is the kabaddi equivalent of the movie Bigil however it did release before the latter. The story is of the rise of a team of Kabaddi players from a remote village to the national arena. Besides the actual game where we can learn the rules, the movie touches on the politics that takes place in the background. You can extrapolate this to most sports in fact most facets of life and you can then understand the difficulties the people especially girls face to succeed in life. The movie stars Sasikumar as a coach and Bharataraja as the first coach and benefactor of the team and is written and directed by Susitheeran. However, the real heroes are the young girls who are all top-class kabaddi players and the sequences are real. I read somewhere that people are asking for cricket to be included in the Olympics however I think that kabaddi which is played in 32 countries will be more popular. The movie can be seen on Amazon Prime. 

Ti Tou Dau is a 13-episode drama based on a play of the same name by playwright Goh Boon Teck. “Titoudao” follows the life of Ah Chiam, a street wayang (Chinese Opera) performer who became an icon in the 1980s. It is based on the life of Goh’s real-life mother, Chinese opera star Oon Ah Chiam who still performs at the age of 73. The series should interest anyone who has a liking for theatre or in fact anyone who performs or attends any artform. One realises when watching this those artistes around the world undergo the same situations and problems as their peers. The story takes place in old Singapore and also has the background of their history including the riots and the secession from the then Malaya. I loved watching this as Singapore is one of my most visited countries right from 1982 and I have seen many of the developments that took place from then. The series can be seen on Netflix in English in the original Singapore accent. 

Congratulations to singing star Yovani Naidoo who is one the six finalists in the NRI Telugu Idol – 2021 organised by The SA Telugu Community and Veedhi Arugu. She is competing against three girls from the USA and two girls from the UK in the Youngsters section. I wonder if this is the girls section or did the girls knock the boys out. 

Spic Macay will host vocalist Saketharaman’s thematic concert ‘Samatva’ on August 14 at 6 pm (2.30 pm SA) on the Spic Macay’s and Sakethraman’s YouTube channels. The songs are based on popular compositions by composers and social reformers who stood against caste discrimination. 

Hamsadhwani will celebrate its 31st anniversary from Aug 15 to 18 at 6.30 pm (3 pm SA) with a series of concerts by well-known artistes. The series will be streamed on their YouTube channel. 

The Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha’s Yuva Sangeeth Ustav 2021, a virtual global talent, festival will be inaugurated on August 14 by senior musician Aruna Sairam. The inaugural concert will be by Spoorthi Rao (5.15 pm) and Kruthi Bhat (7.15 pm). Ishwarya and Soundarya will perform on 15th. More than 120 young artistes will be performing in the two-month long festival and can be viewed on the Sabha’s Facebook and YouTube channel. 

India recorded 40,120 new cases (decrease) and 585 deaths (increase) yesterday. 

The figures in Tamilnadu (80 million people) in this last week saw 1,942 new cases (slight decrease) and 1,892 recoveries yesterday. Once again, the new cases is more recovery rate. The death count for yesterday is 33. We still have 20,399 active cases and 34,428 total deaths. Almost everything is open except cinemas, sports stadiums and concert halls. Numbers at weddings and funerals are still restricted at 50 and 20 respectively 

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