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Wishing all of you who are fasting a bountiful month of sumptuous vegetarian cuisine. 
I hope you are all safe. I am really sad that so many friends and relatives have passed away in the last few months. I see that SA is now on level two so hopefully that means that the situation is improving.
Please feel free to write to me about what is happening in your part of the world. I believe that I have a reader in Antwerp. I would like to get in touch with him.

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I have been asked by a few people to source out some murthies for their temples. For the purposes of shipping and bringing that cost down it will be better if I can consolidate the shipment. So if anyone of you (or knows someone) that wants to also order murthies then contact me. I would like to concentrate on this for the next few months before tourism starts again.    

I still have one more copy of the North Arcot panjangam. If you want to purchase it then please email me at I will give it at a discounted price.
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 Puratassi: Best wishes to all those of you who keep a vegetarian diet for the Puratassi month. May you saviour many exotic vegetables. India will be a very good place to be during this time as the array of vegetables here are second to none. 

The Feral Nomad: For those of you who are following Mahesh’s travels, he has left Srilanka and flown to Brussels via Paris. After a two week stay there, he then flies to the beautiful city of Florence (Italy) for his third term. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown in Srilanka during the last few weeks he was not able to visit Jaffna and other towns in The North and East of the Island. Hopefully we will get a concluding article about Srilanka and more articles from Florence. After his term in Italy, it will be back to Brussels for the last term of his master’s degree. 


Malik (master or chief) is a Malayalam movie starring Fadadh Faasil as Ali Ika with Nimisha Sajayan as his wife Roselyn and Vinay Forrt as her brother David and it is directed by Mahesh Narayanan on Amazon Prime. The story revolves around two villages i.e. a Christian fishing village and a Muslim village next to it. Both communities live in harmony. Ali is the godfather of the Muslim village, and he does everything in his power to uplift the people even at the expense of murdering greedy people trying to take advantage of them. However unscrupulous businessmen, corrupt politicians and ruthless police stage situations to break up the friendship of Ali and David and fuel communal hatred between the two villages. 

The story is told in three segments by Ali’s mother, David and Ali himself to David’s son Freddy because he is in a dilemma as the police wants him to kill his uncle Ali. 

The movie is absolutely brilliant without a single scene being wasted. Just about every actor and actress has done justice to their roles. Watch out for the first scene which is a ten-minute continuous unbroken take. 

Tuglaq Darbar

Tuglaq Darbar starring Vijay Sethupathi, Parthieben, Rashmi Khanna and Majiima Mohan in the main roles. The movie is a political drama laced with comedy. Singaravelu aka Singam (VS) was born during a political rally of Rayappen (Parthieben) and was named by him. He grows up besotted with politics and the story is about how he rises up the political ladder using every devious trick that he knows. However just when he reaches his dream an accident releases a good side of him. The movie is a battle between his good side and bad side. I guess something that plagues all of us to some extent. The movie is now showing on Netflix and can be seen in Tamil and Telugu. 

Tuglaq Darbar

Annabelle Sethupathi stars Vijay Sethupathi and the equally talented Tapsee Pannu releasing today on Disney Hotstar. It is said to be a comedy involving ghosts. It also stars Jagapathi Babu and Yogi Babu who is said to have been excellent. I hope to see it this weekend. 

In addition, it will be dubbed and released in Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada under the same title, and the Hindi dubbed version is titled Annabelle Rathore

Friendship is the latest Tamil romantic sports comedy film written and directed by John Paul Raj and Sham Surya. The movie releases on the big screen today. The film stars Arjun, Harbhajan Singh (the cricketer), Losliya Mariyanesan and Sathish in the lead roles. 


Erasing Borders Dance Festival, one of Indo-American Arts Council flagship events will take place virtually September 22-26. Participating artistes are the top dancers in India in the various dance forms. For more information, please google the event or log onto 

Madhuradhwani will host the following concerts at the Arkay Convention Center on Sept 17, 19 and 22 at 6.15 pm (2.45 pm SA). You can watch it on the Center’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

Nirkaaya: Look out for the vocalist Sandeep Narayan and percussionist-composer Tao Issaro for Nirkaaya an album featuring T Vaidhyanatha Iyer’s “Purvi Tillana” composition. The duo have lent a contemporary touch to it while keeping the format intact. They aim to reach out to the young audience to spread the message of peace and hope. The album will be launched on September 22. 

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