What is meditation and enlightenment in SanAtana Dharma?

By Rangaswamy Sundar Raj, with permission

Is the core feature of all types of Meditation a focus on turning inward to attend to the present moment without any God or religion?

In this era imitation is divine and the simplest is the most sacred and is considered a fact. Meditation and Enlightenment are no exception to this rule.

The word Meditation is derived from the Latin verb ‘meditari’, which means ‘to think’. Even though there are infinite techniques of Meditations and no techniques are churned out every day, there is not even one technique that is compatible with the etymology of the word Meditation.

Meditation should lead to supreme knowledge. However, in this era it leads to ignorance. Yet, no one thinks that some thing may be wrong somewhere in our concept of Meditation. We suppose that supreme knowledge and ignorance are synonyms.

What exactly is Meditation?

When our car has a minor problem we get that problem solved.

When our car has a minor problem we get that problem solved.

However, if our car has frequent problems we get it dismantled completely and the car overhauled. Our car not only becomes as good as new but a get a good knowledge of how each and every part of the car works.

Meditation is similar to this. We dismantle our thinking mechanism completely,

in all its three dimensions and reassemble it and bring to to perfect working condition and in the process understand how the human mind works.

After overhauling the car, it gives a wholesome feeling and we don’t notice noises or vibrations originating from different parts.

After mastering Meditation the mind would be at dynamic rest under all conditions. However, reaching this state is an impossible task.

A blank mind is very similar to it.

Therefore, Meditation of this era is like driving a car without moving it. Meditation in this era is, literally, child’s play.

No doubt, we see even children meditating.

Yes, in Meditation there is no God. Hindu supreme god Brahman is not exactly a god. He is not a god of suffering people. If life is made ideal, Brahman will ensure that the ideal state maintains itself automatically and effortlessly.

After mastering Meditation we will be in the present. However, there are two ways of achieving it.

However, we will in the present dynamically. Our remote past and remote feature try to make us be there and as a result of this tug of war we would be in our present. This enables us to ensure that all the thought / activities of our life are compatible among themselves and we see any thought / activity in the light of every thing.

In this era after Meditation we ignore our past and futures and be in the present and consider just one task at a time, even after attaining what we wish to call as Enlightenment.

Therefore, Meditation is a technique of overhauling the default human thinking mechanism common to all human beings and being dynamically in the present.

However, this is possible just in Hinduism because in Hinduism each stage of thinking is associated with a basic Hindu god and Hinduism is the one and only religion which uses the entire spectrum of thinking.

In Meditation we don’t use real time. We use isometric time, in which there is no past, future and present. There are transient and eternal modes of time. The transient mode of time is the same as real time and the easiest to use and therefore, in Meditation we try to be in the present just because it is the easiest.

Therefore, Meditation in this era is just an imitation of genuine Meditation and it can’t give benefits like, Enlightenment, Eternal bliss, Moksha, etc.

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