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Tourism: The Civil Aviation authorities who postponed the resumption of normal flights because the Omicron variant has now decided to continue the ban till January 31st. Hopefully these flights will resume on February 1st. However, flights to 32 countries including SA under the air bubble agreement will continue. If you are arriving from SA, be warned that you will have to take the RT-PCR test on arrival. Rules are changing rapidly but at present passengers will have to undergo a 7-day home quarantine. Please check with your travel agent for the latest rules. 

Condolences. We are really sad to hear of the passing away of veteran Tamil cultural leader Mr Balan Govender. Uncle Balan was the president of the MTSS organisation for many years and also held positions in many other organisations. Their family grocery shop Bargain Centre in town used to be a meeting place for many Indians especially on a Saturday morning. I got to know him really well during the Tamil Festival in 1994 when we brought down musicians from Chennai who lived at his house during their stay here. I must admit that he was one of the Cultural leaders that I really admired and respected. He was very involved in the movement working to get justice for the Tamils who were murdered in Srilanka. His mortal remains can be viewed at the MTSS hall today from 11am to 13.15 pm. The funeral will be live streamed. 

He was well known to my parents from their days working in FOSA. I had the privilege of spending a full day with Uncle and his son Vasu a few years ago in Chennai. He wanted to go to the Shiva temple in Saidapet which he had visited with his late wife on their first visit to Chennai. 

Thanjavur: Less than an hour’s drive before Trichy is Thanjavur a town that is synonymous with the learning of the Tamil language. Of the many temples the most famous is the 11th-century Brihadeeswarar Temple, a vast Chola dynasty–era complex with a frescoed interior and a huge Nandi Bull. The Thanjavur Palace is home to the centuries-old Saraswathi Mahal Library with palm-leaf manuscripts, and Thanjavur Art Gallery with its bronze statues. The town has many beautiful 3-star hotels if you wish to spend the night here. 

Chithirai_Sevvaanam: The movie stars Samuthirakani, Rima Kallingal and Pooja Kannan (younger sister of Sai Pallavi) in the main roles. Aishwarya (Pooja) a young student goes missing from her hostel after a compromising video of her goes viral. Both the police led by Asha Nair (Rima) and Muthupandi the father begin the search for the girl independently. However, there are quite a few twists and sub-plots which I will not reveal. The movie is available on ZEE5 OTT for viewing or just look for it on the net. 

Love Moktail: This is a delightful love story in the Kannada language and can be seen on Amazon Prime. Adi (Krishna) gives young student Aditya a lift and on the way tells her about the loves of his life starting from his school days till college then during his working days and eventual marriage. Besides the romance and fun, it also has its sad parts which will bring tears to your eyes. The movie is beautifully done and is well worth watching. 

Sooryavanshi: I am not a follower of big star Bollywood movies but watched this because it is trending on Netflix and also had a lot of posts for and against it. I am not sure exactly what genre the movie falls under, but I guess it is a spoof on anti-terrorism movies. The stunts and the action parts are quite good however there were lots of slapstick comedy during some of the serious moments. The movie stars Akshay Kumar as Sooryavanshi the chief of the anti-terrorism squad who is on the hunt for members of a sleeper cell of Pakistani terrorists who want to set off a number of bomb blasts in Mumbai. Katrina Kaif is his wife and also stars a string of actors and actresses. Raveer Singh and Ajay Devgan as Singam also help Sooryanashi is the climax fight. 



4 percussion students from Durban have clinched top awards in the mridangam section in a global competition conducted by the Chennai based International Carnatic Music and Dance Association (ICMDA). 

The students Komalan Govender, Magendran Govender, Keanan Nagan and Anjanan Ananthan are students of the Sivalaya School of Music under the tutorage of Mridangam ace Sivanathan Pillay. Students from all over the world entered this competition. 

Dance Festival: After the completion of their music festival the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan will conduct “Naatya Utsav 2021” from Dec 16th to 26th. You can watch it online at 

India recorded 9,419 new cases and 159 deaths yesterday and a total of about 94,742 active cases. The figures in Tamilnadu (80 million people) was at 698 new cases with 746 recoveries and 15 deaths. There are still 7,883 active cases and 36,575 total deaths. The numbers seemed to have stabilized with a small decrease. 

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