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Remembering Naufal Khan – one year on πŸ˜”

20 December marks a year since the founder and genius behind Indian Spice, Naufall Khan, left us.

He was a writer, activist, organiser, seer and journalist in the true sense of the word. He saw a need, and created Indian Spice with his bare hands – starting a blog in or around 2006 featuring entertainment stories that grew into Southern Africa’s largest news site for the Indian diaspora.

Naufal Khan

Supported by friends and writers, Indian Spice has kept going. Naufal was truly irreplaceable, and his life has inspired others to write meaningful work around the Southern African Indian community. We look forward to levelling up (in an ethical way) on the stability we’ve built over 2021.

His values that are to be found in every page on this website are:

1. Courage
He had no fear to take on people who defrauded well-meaning people or those who abused their position for their own gain. He received innumerable death threats and injunctions to stop his publishing which were always borne out by facts

2. Progress
He believed people were to be allowed to change their circumstances and opinions and nothing should be put in place to stop them. Society’s thinking had to change when improvement was called for outdated practices and thinking had to be challenged and changed

3. Pride
He saw how oppressive cultures could get into the minds of people, thereby turning their own minds against each other. The answer is not to create an arrogant pride but a confident faith in one’s own truths

4. Uniqueness
The South African Indian experience is quite unique, at the crossroads of the ancient, the modern and the becoming. He navigated this with ease and sought to reflect this to his readers and present them with the opportunity to define this movement and themselves

5. Protection
His first thought were for the weak, disempowered around him and in the society. Unless they were protected, no grand vision could ever take place. Those who preyed on others or believed their own progress lay in taking advantage of others deserved his special scrutiny and disgust. His work for LGBT rights, #MeToo and exposing fraudsters won him much acclaim

6. Tradition
Religious, cultural and philosophical learnings from the past were immensely important to him. He respected all and showed no favour despite his strong personal devotion. The spirit of tradition was more important than the rules, which he was willing to smash should they be harmful

Naufal Khan performing Hawan
Naufal Khan performing Hawan Puja, Homam (Fire Cleansing Ritual) officiating the festival of Diwali in Mzansi at Gold Reef City.

He dedicated the last four years to Indian Spice, growing it into a large online platform that consistently broke big stories, gave the Indian market the blend of news that they wanted and was itself the topic of many mealtime conversations. He served the truth with unflinching courage and called out injustice wheresoever he found it.

He left us on 20 December, 2020, sorely missed by friends, community and family

naufal Khilji

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