thaipoosam disrespect

Disrespectful TikTok video disappoints Hindu community

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Thaipusam Kavadi is a Hindu festival observed and celebrated by devotees of The Worrior God, Thiru Murugan across the globe. A festival filled with passion, devotion, dedication, disciplined fasting, pride and joy for the sole purpose of praise, glorification and worship of Thiru Murugan, the mighty and victorious son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. 

However, at one Temple in the north of Durban, South Africa, the festivities, and sacredness of this glorious day of Thaipusam Kavadi was of no concern to one group of individuals who were more interested in drafting a Tiktok video in which they can be seen making blasphemous, disrespectful and derogatory comments regarding the festivities and prasadam being served to the devotees participating in the ritual. 

thaipoosam disrespect

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The video was then posted on TikTok and left to public consumption. It immediately sparked outrage, anger, disappointment and disgust within the South African Hindu community at large. Facebook and Instagram users made their feelings known, calling out the individuals seen in the video for their blatant disrespect and disregard for the festival, the rituals, the prasadam and ultimately towards Thiru Murugan himself. 

The South African Hindu Maha Saba and human rights commission have been asked to intervene and resolve this matter with the utmost urgency and ensure that the perpetrators receive the necessary punishment for their transgressions. Both The South African Hindu Maha Saba and human rights commission have yet to provide any indication of their acknowledgement towards this matter. 

Well known social media user, Meshantan Naidoo had this to say…

It is extremely disappointing and heartbreaking to see this beautiful festival being disrespected and bastardised in such a blatant and ignorant manner all for the sake of a few dozen likes, shares and comments. 

People have seriously lost the plot. The true essence and significance of this awe inspiring festival has been lost and replaced with people who are only attending and participating in the festival with the sole intention of video documenting their involvement and uploading this to social media all in the hopes of becoming popular on the various social media platforms. 

They fail to understand that an individual’s experience and interaction with God is meant to be a private and confidential one. This is a direct result of an ongoing problem amongst the majority of South African Hindus and that is a lack of understanding the true significance and essence of the festival. 

We have failed to educate ourselves or make any significant attempt to educate the youth. This religion is so vast, so beautiful, scientifically precise and matmathematically ccorrect but most people make no attempt to educate themselves and read the various scriptures which are readily available at the touch of a button. If people took the time to become knowledgeable and educated in scripture then this type of video would have never been created. 

Understanding the religion will help our people to appreciate Hinduism that much more. It is very evident in this video that the individuals have to appreciation or any form of respect for this ancient and glorious belief system. 

They said what they said, they made a decision and unfortunately they have to live with it. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to everybody that there are consequences for your actions South African Hindus will not tolerate blasphemy in any which way, shape or form. For far too long we’ve allowed people to ridicule and mock our beliefs and practices but not anymore. Although the current generation maybe lacking the basic scriptural understanding but they can differentiate between right and wrong and will not tolerate blasphemy from anyone or any other belief system. 

I hope that the South African Hindu Maha Saba can resolve this issue and ensure that the individuals responsible receive a fitting punishment for their comments. 

Lastly I want to say to fellow Murugan devotees, yes this video is heartbreaking, disappointing and depressing, we must never forget that Shri Murugan is the master and we are all his puppets. This is ultimately his will. For whatever purpose, know that there must be some divine reasoning for these people to blindly upload this filth for the entire world to by see and now we must have faith in Murugan’s plan. 

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