SAHMS respond to the TikTok Kavady video

IndianSpice reported on the TikTok video that circulated on 21/22 January. On 25 January the South African HIndu Maha Sabha issued a release addressing the issue and its severity.


The SAHS represents South African Hindu issues, although does not issue directives as the Vedic religion is not strictly hierarchical (often explained as “open source”). The wording of the release is terse and strict, but does not issue vain threats as it goes on record to show this that behaviour is unacceptable.

South Africa has a troubled history of in-groups and denigration of other groups, and religions often bring out the worst of this. One has to ask the question how followers of other religions, eg Islam or fundamental Christians would take to these insults.

A statement on Facebook by Narottam reads:

She got the 15 minutes of fame that she seemed to have wanted and then replies with an apology reply (ATTACHED) to the SAHMS. Too late dear. The damage has been already been done. Some would say she apologized. Yeah try to apologize if you offended Islam. No, I personally refuse to accept this. She needs to have a police criminal record against her to stop other future noniyas from posting such disgusting videos or posts against Hinduism in South Africa in the future.

The Human Rights of SA should be consulted regarding this unfortunate situation. I have consulted them btw.

[NAME]. Lord Muruga is a very very dear and loved Deity to all other deities. He is the Commander and chief of Lord Vishnu’s army. Need I say more. Lord Muruga would forgive you but the others??? That has to be seen. Being a Sanatani (one who follows Sanatan Dharma a.k.a Hinduism) we are forgiving but there has to be a line. These vile beings should be exposed for their disgusting behaviour. Let me challenge these vile Vangie Jardine’s to disrespect Prophet Mohamed and lets see what happens. Sanatani’s around the world aren’t just lying down anymore. Due to arguably the greatest leader in the past 2000+ years the world has seen, under Bharat’s (India) PM Narendra Damodardas Modi’s renaissance we Sanatani’s aren’t afraid anymore.

Indian spice has invited comment from all parties to state any further case.

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