Lata Mangeshkar

A Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar – A Global Nightingale

At 8-12 am, on February 6, the world lost an all-time great singer.

Lataji’s melodious voice pervaded the airwaves, globally, for over seven decades and did much to influence the mood on our planet. Practically every Indian, home, radio and television station, office, hallway, marketplace or shop, around the world, resonated daily with her soulful tunes. She was undoubtedly one of a kind, where her musical genius, versatility, and originality shone upon us like the Sun, comforting and enchanting us all.   

When she entered the world, 92-years ago, none in India had any inkling that she would walk in the path of greatness, but 30,000 recorded tracks later, she portrayed the true meaning of magnificence.    

In the history of the arts and entertainment industry, Lata Mangeshkar is unequivocally a giant. She had countless all-time classic hits. In India and with the Indian diaspora, worldwide, alongside the Maharani of Jhansi and Mother Theresa, her stature is as tall as Mount Everest. In the many auditoriums of the world where she performed at live concerts, her audiences were left spellbound by what she could do with her voice. To experienced musicians, her vocal range and versatility was simply mesmerizing.

It is hardly imaginable that any other musical artist touched the hearts of so many people, for over seven decades. And it is most regrettable that we have to bid farewell to a person who was very much a part of our growing up. But now – and sadly – she has departed for the heavenly abode. Lata Mangeshkar will be honoured and her work will be cherished by all music lovers for as long as music endures. And she will always live in our hearts as the legend we know her to be.  

We, South Africans of Indian descent and her fans from other communities here, convey our heartfelt condolences to the family of Lataji, and her millions of adoring fans around the world. Our appreciation for Lataji and the many great musicians India produced over several decades, knows no bounds!

We are one with the people of India in this time of grief!

IUser submitted piece by Ramersh Kumar 

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