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Where is our temple information when we need it? πŸ›•

We have noticed that many of our great temples – that are mainstay of religious gatherings – do not make their contact details available. Indian Spice gets inundated with requests to put in touch with this temple or that priest, and after a while our information gets outdated.

People in Gauteng make plans around getting to the right places for Pongal, Porridge Prayers, Shivaratri and a lot of time gets wasted chasing down simple information. Can you imagine an old relative, being locked down for two years, not being able to fulfil their dreams.

Therefore we request temples to pls send us all their latest information at Same goes for churches, mosques and any other public religious space.

If you’d rather update the information on your own temple on Google Maps, or build a website or facebook page and share that with us –Β  go for it – there are bound to be some young bright sparks that can upload that information for you. πŸ˜„

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