Swaamiyeh Saranam Ayyappaa

KZN Floods: Pretoria Bhajanai Mandram appeal

Dear Devotees, Swaamiyeh Saranam Ayyappaa.

In Hinduism , natural disasters like earthquakes , tornadoes , floods , tsunamis and so on are understood to be a part of the Divine Leela of God reflecting the concept that our lives are imprisoned by the pairs of opposites such as pain and pleasure , creation and destruction, joy and sorrow etc. This brings an opportunity for us to learn great virtues of empathy, compassion, love , sharing,caring and service to all irrespective of religion, caste or creed.

The recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal is one such example. This demands a response from spiritually awakened beings to support those affected and reduce the extent of suffering that this kind of disaster can potentially bring.

We appeal to you to support our efforts in bringing aid to those in need.

The most urgent need at this time is water.

While it is critical to assist timeously, Pretoria Bhajanai Mandram has taken the time to ensure that we make appropriate arrangements in order to avoid the wastage , corruption and mismanagement of aid that is prevalent in such times. It is crucial that the support provided reaches the communities in need.

Pretoria Bhajanai Mandram will arrange the purchase and packing of water in Johannesburg as well as the transporting of water from Johannesburg to Tongaat. This will be delivered and distributed with the help of a reputable spiritual Organisation called the Maidstone Shree Emperumal Prayer Group based in Tongaat. This group has worked closely with Pretoria Bhajanai Mandram in the past and will ensure that the management and distribution of the much needed water supply is well overseen.

Your assistance in this regard is urgently required. In this circumstance a financial contribution is preferred as it would allow us to purchase the appropriate items however should you be able to assist in any other way please contact us directly.

We aim to to transport the water as soon as possible and humbly request that you make your contributions using the banking details and reference below.

We Thank You sincerely!!!

Swaamiyeh Saranam Ayyappaa.

For further information contact:
Mr. Ben Pillay – 082 922 8709
Ms. Priya Pillay – 082 806 1039
Ms. Santhinie Pillay – 072 266 1662
Ms. Shanthi Naidoo – 072 965 1121
Mr. Thiroshan Pillay – 076 638 3888
Mr. Sashen Pillay – 072 337 6461

Banking Details
Account Name: Pretoria Bhajanai Mandram
Account type: Current account
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 011489006
Branch Name: West End Pretoria
Branch code: 010345
Reference: Name – Your Name – Flood Relief (Name/Phone Number)

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