car licence fail

FAIL: takes over 6 weeks to get your licence ๐Ÿ˜œ

A host of car licence firms have sprung up in the last years, shouldering the load from a crumbling Post office in allowing car owners to register their vehicle licenses annually. For a fee, they promise to get all the paperwork done and deliver your new licence to your door.

This year a reader filled out an application in mid-April for a licence that expired at the end of the month, and by early June he had not received any licence. When reaching the automated call-desk, the only message he keeps getting is:

car licence fail
As with most e-commerce operations, emails are simply automated and a reference number is generated and “addressed” without getting to a live person.

The delay makes this process not only costly, less efficient but puts motorists in danger. Arrest, bribery and dangerous confrontations with the police are standard risks on South African roads. The question to be asked is: how can a company that takes money for a service, fail to deliver in such a spectacular manner? has been invited to provide detail, but has responded to date.

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