World’s top five deadliest snakes (no, not including that short one from Chatsworth)

Snakes carry an aura of fear around them as people are terrified of this reptile. Although these hissing creatures are dreaded all over the world for their poisonous bites and sudden attacks, these slithery reptiles have a day of their own, to their name. Every year on July 16, ‘World Snake Day’ is celebrated to make people aware of the different species of snakes found all over the world.
On the occasion of ‘World Snake Day’ here’s a look at 5 of the most deadly snakes found in the world. A word of advice, if you spot one, maintain notable distance and when you are far away from the reptile, run for your life!


1. Black mamba



One of the deadliest snakes ever to exist in the world has to be the Black Mamba found in Africa. The snake has the power to kill someone with just two drops of venom. 8 ft in height, they can move upto 19 km per hour and attack their prey so suddenly that the person bitten, would succumb to their injuries within seconds. The person who is attacked first suffers from a cardiac arrest and later dies in most cases.

2. King Cobra


The second most lethal snake found in the world is the King Cobra. Standing 18 ft in height, the King Cobra possess the power to spot its target from a distance of 100 metres and approaches stealthily towards its prey, before attacking. Once bitten, a total of 7 millilitres of venom enters the vein of the victim, before the person dies just within 15 minutes. They tend to attack three to four times repeatedly.

3. Fer-de-lance


Another species of snake with a dangerous venom is the American Fer-de-lance, a single bite of whom is enough to spread the poison to the person instantly, turning his body tissue black, until the attacked person passes away. Ranging between 3.9 and 8.2 ft long, the Fer-de-lance is reputed for killing about half of the Central and South American population.

4. Boomslang


The South African green tree snake or Boomslang is known to be a silent predator. Having rear fangs, the Boomslang can fold their venomous fangs backwards when not looking for prey. However, once it sinks its fangs into one, it results in profuse internal and external bleeding causing the victims to die a painful death.

5. Russell’s viper


If ‘Danger’ had another name, it would be called Russell’s viper. The Russell’s viper is infamous for causing several deaths in India. A single bite from the snake can cause kidney damage, immense bleeding and multi-organ failure which can kill someone in a matter of minutes. (ANI)

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