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About Indian Spice

ADISHAKTI MEDIA: Indian Spice is a leading digital news service providing the latest Indian news, trending entertainment news, rich Indian lifestyle content to the South African Indian reader and the Indian diaspora audience at-large, across the globe.

Indian Spice is based based in South Africa is made up of a collective of newshounds, maverick storytellers, editors, content producers, designers, analysts and reporters.

Indian Spice has in 2019 has reached close to a million unique website visitors and reached over 2,5 million people across social media.

It is Indian Spice’s trending news and Indian lifestyle content platform that has given the company, ADISHAKTI MEDIA – the prime advantage -in also delivering relevant consumer special offers.

Sharing stories that matters to our generation is what makes us different in delivering quality content to a wide range of consumers in search of quality Indian lifestyle news content. We live by a hunger to know and have it all, and that’s what Indian Spice strives to appease through its unbiased looking glass.

We make sense of the systematic chaos that is the world today and seek to bring you the story, however you want it – on your phone through videos, op-eds, infographics, animations and documentaries.

We are a virtual newsroom and by working virtually our team functions outside the office, sometimes in pyjamas (if they wear any) in their home or in a coffee shop or in a shared space, and produce beautiful content, news & entertainment for our readers.