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We invite you to write for us and be part of the growing IndianSpice community!

Indianspice, South Africa’s trending indian lifestyle news site shares the colorful experiences of South Africa’s Indian community with readers from all walks of life, race, colour and creed.

Write For IndianSpice

We’re always looking for regular and occasional contributions from you. All contributors’ work is non-paying and non-exclusive and you retain copyright. As such, all original writing is yours to syndicate. It’s your platform to reach thousands of people every month!

We cannot promise to publish everything you send us, but will give all contributions full consideration within the context of our current objectives and goals. We’d like you to share your views, thoughts, stories and ideas with intelligence, style and wit.

Basic Skills & Needs

  • Must write in English
  • Good grammar
  • Good spelling
  • Something worth expressing

If you’d like to be a regular Indianspice freelance writer, artist or photographer let us know a little about you: Your interests, work experience and background. Please also attach samples of your past work and let us know what area or field you’d like to contribute in. We’re especially keen on those willing to regularly report on and photograph events in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria and the rest of the world. Ongoing reviews of music, books and other Indian or Indian interest releases are also sought after.

Internships in writing do require large reserves of creativity to make sure that whatever the message, it’s delivered in a compelling, engaging way that best represents IndianSpice and strengthens its brand identity.

Students who intern in writing may find their responsibilities crossing over into the fields of marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, and social media. These are the elements that give you experience in how to be the best you are!

Some gigs also need you to come equipped with technical or scientific knowledge. Whatever the parameters of your decision to take an internship, you’ll come away with superior skills in writing structure, grammar, and tone—talents that will benefit your emerging career or passion.

writing portfolio is your evidence – so why not get ahead of the pack and start showcasing your skills with us at Indianspice.

Bringing you every day the most relevant choice of news and analysis. Indianspice, TEN years in the digital publishing space has grasped a mature and dedicated readership from all over the world. And, we are growing.

What Do We Publish

#IndianNews #Diaspora #IndianCinema #Television #IndianLifestyle #ArtsCulture #Religion #Gastronomy #Travel #Entertainment #LocalContent #HisStuff #SheMatters #Love #Sex #LGBT #Videos #Photos #Books #CelebrityFeatures

Specialist Content: Relationships, Sex, Love

We are looking for first-person accounts, experiences, personal narratives. You can change names/scenario to protect privacy (of the people involved), only in very serious situations like abuse, affairs etc.

We don’t accept fiction pieces or poems; only real experiences. So the articles you send must be non-fiction pieces, with photographs of those quoted (except for the cases specified above). Works also have to be unpublished and written exclusively in certain instances.

We would like you to send your ideas (in 3-4 lines) via the same email address to enable us to tweak and/or provide further food for thought for a well-rounded and complete piece.

The specifics when writing for IndianSpice

  • 500-700 words
  • Original content
  • We will need exclusive access to it for 1 month from the date of publication. After that you can post it on your blog, but there should be a note stating the link where it was first published
  • Get to know our readers – download our Media and Client Deck here to see the expanse of Indianspice compared to other brands in the South African market to consider further opportunities to talk to a realtime audience that we engage effectively.

With your submission please send us:

  1. A short profile – roughly 50 words
  2. A recent photograph (medium resolution, portrait, with face showing)
  3. Social Media IDs
  4. Your blog/website link

Do you get paid?

Not in all instances, where we have paid content media that IndianSpice secures we will monetize your work that has been assigned to you.

Whether you’re studying a creative writing or a journalism course, or you want to get some credit to your name in a specialist area, gaining writing experience as you study is a great way to build your CV and boost your employability.

We are willing to offer you a recommendation letter and references when required.

Looking forward to receiving your contributions to Indianspice and sharing it with our community.
All correspondence to be emailed to

Occasional Contributors

When sending us any contribution please include your full details, i.e. name, age, country, etc. You can contribute in the following areas:

Let us know what’s current, new and happening in your organisation, your community or the wider world. This is not so much an opportunity to express your opinion, as it is to let us know what’s happening in an area of topical interest.

Features: 600 to 1200 words. We’re also looking for more in-depth investigative and/or opinion pieces on topical areas of lifestyle and interest – whether it’s politics, lifestyle or culture.

Profiles: 600 to 1400 words. Indianspice regularly highlights artists, celebrities and key figures. If you’d like to do a profile on anyone you think fits the bill, or would like to suggest anyone for us to profile, we’ll gladly consider your input or work.

Express Yourself: Here’s your chance to send us items of personal creative expression – from photography to comics to poetry. Anything you’d like to share with the world?

Tourism: 600 to 800 words. Been anywhere fabulous of late? Whether it’s local or international let us know about interesting destinations you have explored.  Remember to include any advice or tips useful to our readers keen to visit. We’re especially eager to promote South African destinations and resorts to our international audience.

Reviews: 300 to 400 words. Reviews of plays, CDs, exhibitions and books with emphasis on local talent and productions.