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WATCH: Jodi and Prishen on getting steamy in Trippin’ With The Kandasamys

Keeping up with Kandasamys 3 poster

In this latest instalment of the movie series by esteemed director, Jayan Moodley, the now familiar family story takes the storytelling up a notch. Not only does this light, local and lovely film deal with topical societal issues but also sees the Kandasamy-Naidoo family relationships grow since we first met them 10 years ago. “Yes, it’s been ten years since we started KUWTK, and can you believe that Mishqah and I have done five films together since then,” says lead Madhushan Singh, who plays Prishen Naidoo. His on-screen wife, Jodi, is played by Mishqah Parthiepal. Starring Jailoshini Naidoo, Maeshini Naicker, Koobeshen Naidoo and Yugan Naidoo, the Kandasamy’s is a series of comedy-drama film centred on best friends, Jennifer and Shanthi, played by Jailoshini and Maeshni. The two previous movies have seen the leading ladies at war over their children (Singh and …

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