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Rohit Bal Gets Cocky At India Couture Week

Share The first day of the 10th edition of the India Couture Week had decadence written all over it. After Anamika Khanna’s inaugural installation show, Rohit Bal made models, and some of his friends, walk the ramp in his regalia inspired designs. While the diaphanous gowns and skirts paired with intricately embroidered jackets and capes spelled Bal’s characteristic proclivity for grandeur, the mischievous “Gudda,” as he’s known among his large bevy of friends, asserted himself too. Ladies and gentlemen, Bal has unveiled his brand-new motif – it’s a COCK! Rohit Bal walks the ramp showcasing his new patented motif – the cock. Photo: The Quint Bal’s show started with monochrome ensembles that successfully tricked the attendees. As the whites and beiges gave way to the maroons, greens and blues, everyone gasped. Bal has, once again, put on display his love …

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