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Can manly, masculine men be better fathers and good parents?

In some men, having traditional masculine characteristics such as competitiveness and adventurousness was linked to being better fathers and good parents to infants, a new study suggested. The findings of the study were published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinities. But the men in this study – highly educated and from dual-earner couples – combined those stereotypically masculine traits with the belief that they should be nurturing, highly involved fathers. The researchers were surprised that traits often seen as old-fashioned male stereotypes were linked to more positive parenting behaviours, said study lead author Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, professor of psychology at The Ohio State University. It suggests that some men are looking for new ways to be fathers, Schoppe-Sullivan said.“These men are combining traditional aspects of masculinity with new nurturing ideals to create new fathering identities. They may be in …

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