WATCH: The Tamil protest song ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ that’s lighting the world up with 100m views


‘Enjoy Enjaami’ tells the story of exploited tea plantation labour and was an immediate hit, with cross-cultural appeal in India and the diaspora. The hit, written by Arivu with the stunning Tamil vocals of Dhee, is as much a serious protest piece as it is about killer dance beats. The song is clear about the link of the people with the land, and how they built so much infrastructure in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius (and South Africa) and then we’re sent back to the cities without benefitting from any of the land they worked on. The video and music have their fair share of African influences, but the rap is not out of place. Rap was always the musical voice of the oppressed, poor and disenfranchised. “If rap is about story-telling, my grandmother is the world’s best story-teller,” says …

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Porridge prayers, recipe and amman 2021 resource

marieamman thalattu

Porridge prayers coincide with Good Friday every year, this year being 2 April. Unfortunately, religious gatherings are still limited due to lockdown conditions. Please check with your nearest temples and priests and celebrate carefully. The history of porridge prayers is key to understanding how SA Indians adapted to the new land and the eternal link with Mariamman. Director at Natya Ananda Fine Arts Academy – Verushka Pather, explains how the 1860 indentured labourers traditions are continued by South African Hindus, giving thanks by performing this traditional prayer even under the toughest of situations. Shakthi, as Divine Mother, is portrayed as cosmic energy in its dynamic form. Being the mother of the universe. She is ever ready to heed the call of Her devotees. As such an instance did this force manifest as Muthu Mari Ammen, Muthu (pearl); Mari (rain); Ammen …

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‘Happy Indian Arrival Day’ : Johannesburg writer releases zines on Indentureship

Youlendree Appasamy

Johannesburg-based and Verulam-born – Youlendree Appasamy is a multi-faceted writer who recently created and released two zines (short booklets in magazine format with original and appropriated text) to share the South African Indian experience and frame it within concepts of identity and struggle. Seawater carried for 8 hours in a 2-litre plastic milk cartonR12 for the oThongathi tollA broken coconut shell dotted with ash and kumkumHow do you measure a grain of sugar? “Zines are sometimes serious, sometimes playful, and as a writer I’m thinking about the different ways to express the research and lived experiences of [post]indentureship in South Africa, using sugar towns on KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast as a starting point. Although I’ve been involved in the zine-making process [both digital and physical] from Ja. Magazine to No Sweetness Here Collective, and I collect them, I’ve never seen ones …

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