Why we need different skincare in summer and winter

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Summer is all about oily and itchy skin problems, while on the other hand, winters lead to dry and dehydrated skin conditions. Skincare is an important discipline to follow the seasons. Well if the majority of problems arising during both these seasons are so different, would it be logically sound to say that the skincare routines for summer and winter would also be different. And it is understandable if you find this a little daunting. However, there is no need to worry, as we will walk you through the transition from one routine to the other during these seasons to maintain the healthy glow of your skin with these tips by beauty expert Shahnaz Husain. During summer, your skin is exposed to excessive heat and warm rays of the sun which can cause the skin to become sweaty and oily. …

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8 traditional herbs that work for Gorgeous Hair

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It’s not a secret Indian women have lustrous hair. We can blame genes all we want, but truth is Indian ladies care about their hair a lot. Western women tend to focus on skin as it shows signs of ageing the most, often ignoring their gorgeous locks until they start looking not so good. One of the main secrets of Indian women’s beautiful hair is the use of herbs. They start early in life and make it a part of their regular hair beauty routine. Here are 8 herbs you should use for gorgeous hair. Shikakai Indian women use shikakai regularly to cleanse hair as it is one of the most natural ways to do it without using shampoo. It also doubles as a conditioner, so if you want to take a break from using chemical shampoos, shikakai is your …

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