Study explores improving reading skills through action video games 🎮 🕹

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During a recent study, an Italian-Swiss team demonstrated that children’s reading skills can be improved through a novel child-friendly action video game. The findings of the study were published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour. Decoding letters into sound is a key point in learning to read but is not enough to master it. “Reading calls upon several other essential mechanisms that we don’t necessarily think about, such as knowing how to move our eyes on the page or how to use our working memory to link words together in a coherent sentence,” points out Daphne Bavelier, a professor in the Psychology Section of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPSE) at the UNIGE. “These other skills, such as vision, the deployment of attention, working memory, and cognitive flexibility, are known to be improved by action video games”, explains …

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Sadhguru launches mobile game – Kari and the Lost Shrines – to promote temples


The Sadhuguru, Jaggi Vasudev, has released a mobile game through his Isha Foundation a month after denouncing the neglect of Indian temples. It appears that the ‘Sadhguru game’ is meant to build knowledge amongst the youth as this issues becomes more heated and broad-based. “The wait is over! The mobile game from Isha – Kari and the Lost Shrines – is here. Kari has been entrusted with the mission of finding and putting back lost relics that temples once housed. Help him do that and Experience the joy of reviving temples to their ancient glory!” (Play store), iOS coming soon. Search for Kari Game Reviews of the Sadhguru game 4.9* (435 ratings! from 1k+ downloads) The reviews are looking great, some highlights below:“Wow perfect blend of knowledge, culture and playfulness. More games should be created with these kind …

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The Advantages of Playing Casino Games on Your Mobile

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Mobile gaming has had a massive surge in popularity recently. As the technology keeps improving, companies are able to produce high-performance smartphones that are even designed for gaming. Many experts believe that mobile games are set to be the future of the gaming industry as millions of people are already choosing their smartphones over desktop devices for this activity.  One of the most commonly played games on mobile devices are online casino games. That is exactly the topic that we wanted to discuss in this article as we are going to name the advantages that come with playing mobile casino games. Let’s check the details. Make Sure That The Site is Optimized for Mobile Use To reap all the benefits that we are about to mention, you must first make sure that the online casino is optimized for mobile use. …

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Australian Open and Guide to Melbourne

Simply thirteen years past, it had been revelling in a very triumphant Olympic Games amid claims it had been the best town within the world. London has since snatched the “best-ever Olympics” title. currently Melbourne, long-time second fiddle to Sydney, has been voted the world’s most inhabitable town for the past 2 years. One US columnist said ‘women fell for him like ninepins and when he went to Hollywood, male film stars went and sulked in Nevada. It shouldn’t be a surprise in a very country with such competitive instincts that the 2 cities are slugging it out for thus long (Melbourne hosted her own successful athletic contest in 1956). within the nineteenth century, Melbourne enjoyed a gold rush and therefore the world’s highest per capita champagne consumption and, despite the Victorian grandeur, was a busy port choked with high-rollers …

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