Why you’re never too old to improve your cooking skills!

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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but this isn’t always true. When it comes to cooking, you are never too late to learn how to cook, or to improve and expand upon your existing knowledge. Beginner cooks Being able to cook is not just about being able to provide healthy and nutritious meals. It’s a hobby and a way to enjoy yourself as well. In the US, between 10% – 17% of people say they cook because they love it, rather than it being a necessity. This should be higher! Cooking has the power to teach you several wonderful soft skills such as multitasking, elements of chemistry and physics, holding responsibility, and timekeeping. It is also known for being relaxing and helping people to switch off and de-stress. Putting time aside each day to be creative …

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Certain occupations are linked with heavy drinking

Researchers at the University of Liverpool discovered that working in specific occupations might be related to a higher probability of heavy drinking in individuals in people aged 40-69 years. The research was published in the open-access journal ‘BMC Public Health’. The findings could be used to help target public health or work-based interventions aiming to reduce heavy drinking, according to the authors. Researchers at the University of Liverpool found that jobs classified as skilled trade occupations, such as construction and manufacturing jobs, were most likely to be associated with heavy drinking. While jobs broadly categorised as professional occupations, for example, doctors and teachers were associated with a lower likelihood of heavy drinking. The occupations associated with the highest rates of heavy drinking in the UK were publicans and managers of licensed premises, plasterers, and industrial cleaning process occupations, including cleaners …

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Dos and don’ts when dining abroad

In order to pull this off with panache – and avoid causing unnecessary offense – it’s worth familiarising yourself with native rules and culinary traditions before you leave, which is where this handy guide comes in.

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Essential table etiquettes to know

When you are dining at the home of a friend, it is a good idea to bring a gift for the host or hostess. Some dinner parties are formal and have place cards where the host or hostess wants you to sit, says an expert.

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