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Why Abdellah Taïa Had to Die in Order to Live

Abdellah Taïa

When a rising literary star came out in a Moroccan newspaper, his fight to change his country was just the beginning. Taïa always knew he was gay, but it took time to realize how it might be used against him. A young man in his neighborhood, Naim -- “a very beautiful name that means, after a manner, soft” -- served as a harbinger of his own likely fate.

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How Islamist gangs use internet to track, torture and kill Iraqi gays

"This is what infuriates me about non-progressive Islamic governments. Why do we have to have this still happen!? " Naufal Khan Iraqi militias infiltrate internet gay chatrooms to hunt their quarry – and hundreds are feared to be victims. According to Human Rights Watch, the Shia militia known as the Mahdi army may be among the militants implicated in the violence, particularly in the northern part of Baghdad known as Sadr City.

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