PLAYLIST: Easter music and movies

painted easter eggs

Easter’s holy week is a rollercoaster time. What with the exuberance of Palm Sunday, the solemnity of the Last Supper, the Crucifixion of Good Friday and the joy Resurrection on Easter Sunday – there’s a reason it’s called The Passion. The fun of the easter egg hunt and family coming together on Sunday is an ancient tradition, which is nowadays not limited to Christianity, and it’s all about the kids. We’ve put together a playlist of music and full movies to help you get in the mood for the spiritual side of things. Good Friday – The Crucifixion Ave Maria – David Burke (caution: crucifixion scenes) ஜெயித்து விட்டார் Jaithuvitaar – Sujatha Selwyn How Deep the Father’s Love for us – Stuart Townsend Ave Maria – Michał Lorenc Jireh – Elevation Worship & Maverick City Easter Sunday – The Resurrection Benedictus …

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Good Friday is on 2 April. What’s it all about?

Church Indian

The Friday of Christ’s crucifixion is the most holy day in Christianity as it fulfils the mission of his life, teachings and what was foretold. This year it is held on 2 April, 2021. Context in the Gospels Christ entered Jerusalem on Sunday and on Thursday night held the Last Supper with his disciples. More relevant teaching is given here as well as what Christ wants to happen after his death, which the disciples are unaware of. Early Friday morning he is captured by the Romans and brought before Pontius Pilate who makes a political decision and lets the Rabbis choose Jesus’ fate. They select him to be crucified and Jesus is taken away and flogged, stripped and made to carry his cross up the hill for execution. On the hill of Golgotha he is nailed to the cross and …

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What is Palm Sunday all about?

Palm Sunday Jesus christ

The Holy Week in Christianity starts with Palm Sunday, which reflects the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem. Within the week he met with his disciples for the Last Supper, was arrested, crucified and then rose from the dead a week later, on Easter Sunday. Everything that happened before in Jesus’ life and his ministry comes to its peak in these days, and it is therefore the most special time for observant Christians. It is the final week of Lent – the 40 day fast that some Christians follow. This fast is traditionally broken on Holy Saturday. The many denominations differ on certain dates, most notably the Orthodox Church sees the Holy Week taking place in April – which is a point due to historic calendar differences. The key dates and sequence of events are pretty much undisputed. Context in the …

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Who was St Thomas of the St Thomas Christians and what is the link with India?

St Thomas postal stamp india

Saint Thomas was a disciple during the time of Jesus, and is mentioned in the Gospels. Thereafter he became an apostle who spread the message of Christ, travelling as far as Kerala in India. This part of his life is documented but he remains both controversial and celebrated. He is the “doubting Thomas” of the Gospels, the one who disbelieved Jesus when he appeared after his death. St. Thomas landed on the Malabar Coast, Kerala, in c. 52 CE to escape the aftermath of the death of Christ and persecution by the Romans and Jewish priests as well as to spread the gospel. Many writers have mentioned that the apostle established seven “and a half” churches in Malabar.They are: – Maliankara – Koovakayal – Niranam – Palayoor near Guruvayoor – Nilackal (Chayal) – Kokkamangalam (Gokkamangalam) – Kollam – Thiruvithancode arapalli …

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PLAYLIST: Ancient Christian songs from the Middle East

Christ Hagia Sophia 2

The language of the Middle East or Levant (what is today Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Israel) was Aramaic. The Jewish elite was taken to Babylon during the captivity in Babylon, about 590 BCE, where they learned Aramaic. That become the universal language of the region when they returned home. Much of the ‘Old Testament’ was compiled in Aramaic, and we’ve compiled a Christian playlist of some of those songs. Jesus was from Nazareth and they spoke Galilean Aramaic, but of course he could converse in Hebrew to the multitudes as well. Arabic is of the same language family as Aramaic and Hebrew, but was limited to Arabia at the time. Small parts of Syria still speak Aramaic. The ancient language is used in Catholic and Orthodox liturgy and Aramaic can be written and understood in the Hebrew script. Syria – …

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