Ramadan Kareem! 2021 Iftar and Sehar times: Durban, Gauteng, Cape Town

General Ramadan Prayer times for these regions. during prayer times – Remember, even a few kilometres can change times so use these a general guide and consult your apps or local authority. Sehar Fajr and Iftar Maghrib times are also very location specific. Durban (KZN) Ramadan 2021 almanac RamadanDayApril/MaySeharFajrDhuhrAsrIftarMaghribIsha1Tue134:54AM11:56AM3:12PM5:39PM6:54PM2Wed144:55AM11:56AM3:11PM5:38PM6:53PM3Thu154:55AM11:56AM3:10PM5:37PM6:52PM4Fri164:56AM11:56AM3:10PM5:35PM6:51PM5Sat174:56AM11:55AM3:09PM5:34PM6:50PM6Sun184:57AM11:55AM3:08PM5:33PM6:49PM7Mon194:57AM11:55AM3:07PM5:32PM6:48PM8Tue204:58AM11:55AM3:06PM5:31PM6:47PM9Wed214:58AM11:55AM3:06PM5:30PM6:46PM10Thu224:59AM11:54AM3:05PM5:29PM6:45PM11Fri234:59AM11:54AM3:04PM5:28PM6:44PM12Sat245:00AM11:54AM3:03PM5:27PM6:43PM13Sun255:00AM11:54AM3:03PM5:26PM6:42PM14Mon265:01AM11:54AM3:02PM5:25PM6:41PM15Tue275:02AM11:54AM3:01PM5:24PM6:41PM16Wed285:02AM11:53AM3:01PM5:24PM6:40PM17Thu295:03AM11:53AM3:00PM5:23PM6:39PM18Fri305:03AM11:53AM2:59PM5:22PM6:38PM19Sat15:04AM11:53AM2:58PM5:21PM6:37PM20Sun25:04AM11:53AM2:58PM5:20PM6:37PM21Mon35:05AM11:53AM2:57PM5:19PM6:36PM22Tue45:05AM11:53AM2:57PM5:18PM6:35PM23Wed55:06AM11:53AM2:56PM5:18PM6:35PM24Thu65:06AM11:53AM2:55PM5:17PM6:34PM25Fri75:07AM11:52AM2:55PM5:16PM6:33PM26Sat85:07AM11:52AM2:54PM5:15PM6:33PM27Sun95:08AM11:52AM2:54PM5:15PM6:32PM28Mon105:08AM11:52AM2:53PM5:14PM6:31PM29Tue115:09AM11:52AM2:52PM5:13PM6:31PM30Wed125:09AM11:52AM2:52PM5:13PM6:30PM Johannesburg (Gauteng) Ramadan 2021 almanac RamadanDayAprilMaySeharFajrDhuhrAsrIftarMaghribIsha1Tue135:06AM12:08PM3:26PM5:54PM7:06PM2Wed145:06AM12:08PM3:26PM5:53PM7:05PM3Thu155:07AM12:08PM3:25PM5:52PM7:04PM4Fri165:07AM12:08PM3:24PM5:51PM7:03PM5Sat175:07AM12:07PM3:24PM5:50PM7:02PM6Sun185:08AM12:07PM3:23PM5:49PM7:02PM7Mon195:08AM12:07PM3:22PM5:48PM7:01PM8Tue205:09AM12:07PM3:22PM5:47PM7:00PM9Wed215:09AM12:06PM3:21PM5:46PM6:59PM10Thu225:09AM12:06PM3:20PM5:45PM6:58PM11Fri235:10AM12:06PM3:20PM5:44PM6:58PM12Sat245:10AM12:06PM3:19PM5:43PM6:57PM13Sun255:11AM12:06PM3:18PM5:43PM6:56PM14Mon265:11AM12:06PM3:18PM5:42PM6:55PM15Tue275:12AM12:05PM3:17PM5:41PM6:55PM16Wed285:12AM12:05PM3:17PM5:40PM6:54PM17Thu295:12AM12:05PM3:16PM5:39PM6:53PM18Fri305:13AM12:05PM3:15PM5:39PM6:52PM19Sat15:13AM12:05PM3:15PM5:38PM6:52PM20Sun25:14AM12:05PM3:14PM5:37PM6:51PM21Mon35:14AM12:05PM3:14PM5:36PM6:51PM22Tue45:14AM12:05PM3:13PM5:36PM6:50PM23Wed55:15AM12:05PM3:13PM5:35PM6:49PM24Thu65:15AM12:04PM3:12PM5:34PM6:49PM25Fri75:16AM12:04PM3:12PM5:34PM6:48PM26Sat85:16AM12:04PM3:11PM5:33PM6:48PM27Sun95:17AM12:04PM3:11PM5:32PM6:47PM28Mon105:17AM12:04PM3:10PM5:32PM6:47PM29Tue115:17AM12:04PM3:10PM5:31PM6:46PM30Wed125:18AM12:04PM3:09PM5:31PM6:46PM Cape Town (Western Cape) Ramadan 2021 almanac RamadanDayAprilMaySeharFajrDhuhrAsrIftarMaghribIsha1Tue135:44AM12:47PM3:59PM6:26PM7:44PM2Wed145:45AM12:47PM3:58PM6:24PM7:43PM3Thu155:46AM12:46PM3:57PM6:23PM7:42PM4Fri165:46AM12:46PM3:56PM6:22PM7:40PM5Sat175:47AM12:46PM3:55PM6:21PM7:39PM6Sun185:48AM12:46PM3:54PM6:19PM7:38PM7Mon195:48AM12:45PM3:53PM6:18PM7:37PM8Tue205:49AM12:45PM3:52PM6:17PM7:36PM9Wed215:50AM12:45PM3:51PM6:16PM7:35PM10Thu225:50AM12:45PM3:51PM6:15PM7:34PM11Fri235:51AM12:45PM3:50PM6:14PM7:33PM12Sat245:52AM12:44PM3:49PM6:13PM7:32PM13Sun255:52AM12:44PM3:48PM6:11PM7:31PM14Mon265:53AM12:44PM3:47PM6:10PM7:30PM15Tue275:54AM12:44PM3:46PM6:09PM7:29PM16Wed285:54AM12:44PM3:45PM6:08PM7:28PM17Thu295:55AM12:44PM3:45PM6:07PM7:27PM18Fri305:56AM12:44PM3:44PM6:06PM7:26PM19Sat15:56AM12:43PM3:43PM6:05PM7:25PM20Sun25:57AM12:43PM3:42PM6:04PM7:24PM21Mon35:58AM12:43PM3:41PM6:03PM7:23PM22Tue45:58AM12:43PM3:41PM6:02PM7:23PM23Wed55:59AM12:43PM3:40PM6:01PM7:22PM24Thu66:00AM12:43PM3:39PM6:01PM7:21PM25Fri76:00AM12:43PM3:38PM6:00PM7:20PM26Sat86:01AM12:43PM3:38PM5:59PM7:20PM27Sun96:01AM12:43PM3:37PM5:58PM7:19PM28Mon106:02AM12:43PM3:36PM5:57PM7:18PM29Tue116:03AM12:43PM3:36PM5:56PM7:17PM30Wed126:03AM12:43PM3:35PM5:56PM7:17PM Read: ISLAMIC CALENDAR 2021

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Treat your loved ones with these 5 sweet vermicelli dishes on Eid-al-Fitr

eid vermicelli dishes 5

Ramadan, also known as Ramazan or Ramzan, begins today! This year, Ramadan begins on April 13 and ends on May 12. During this fast, people have their first meal before the sunrise known as Sehri (also called Suhoor) and the other meal is Iftar, arabic names for the meals is served after sunset. Eid al-Fitr, which comes after the holy month of Ramadan, is also called ‘Meethi Eid‘, and the signature dish of the celebration is sweet vermicelli or ‘Meethi sewai’. The celebration often comprises a wide gamut of sweet delicacies such as sheer khurma, khubani ka meetha, and khalja pheni. Muslims across the world offer their prayers to the almighty and then prepare for a lavish Eid feast featuring scrumptious delicacies and drinks. If you are planning to treat your family members with sweet delicacies, we have got you …

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5 hacks to stay strong while fasting during Ramadan


The month of Ramadan will soon be commencing with a spiritual zeal spread among Muslms For them it’s the time of giving to others and trying to be humble in their needs and desires, sometimes fasting during the month can take a toll on one’s body. Below we have tips to stay fit during Ramadan. One may struggle during the initial phase of fasting before the body gets used to the daily routine. With all the changes to the eating and sleeping habits. Staying fit during Ramadan in hot weather can prove to be a task, and even harder for those who adhere to the month-long fast. Some people might engage in planning way ahead in order to stay healthy and hassle-free during this holy fast. One doesn’t have to choose between their physical health and religious observances, you can …

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Muslim schoolgirl in India learns 500 shlokas of Bhagavad Gita by heart

schoolgirl - bhagavad git

Mushariff Khan started learning the holy Hindu scripture, the Gita, as part of memory retention training, and now she and her parents are proud that she has imbibed the best tenets of another religion. The talented girl has learnt by heart 500 out of the total 701 shlokas in the Bhagavad Gita, using the memory retention technique taught by her Abacus and Vedic Mathematics teacher Rohini Menon. “Mushariff is one of my best students. I gave her three options to showcase her memory retention technique: memorising the entire dictionary, the entire Constitution of India or the Bhagavad Gita. To the surprise of us all, she opted for learning the Bhagavad Gita. She started learning when she was in Class VI and has so far memorised 500 Sanskrit sholkas,” Menon told this newspaper. Menon said many of her other students, too, …

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Travel Operators must refund pilgrims

February 14, 2021 – Travel operators have been warned to refund Hajj pilgrims or face legal consequences. The South African Hajj and Umrah Council (Sahuc) this week issued a warning to Hajj tour operators to refund people who could not perform the pilgrimage last year due to the pandemic. Hajj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the holiest city for Muslims. Due to the spread of covid-19 and the subsequent global travel restrictions, pilgrims from South Africa were unable to travel to Saudi Arabia. Sahuc said the majority of accredited Hajj travel operators have refunded pilgrims. The organisation listed six travel operators who still owe pilgrims money. “All accredited Hajj travel operators have until February 20 to ensure that the Hujaaj (pilgrims) are refunded in full. Failure to refund the pilgrims will result in legal action …

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