Understanding Mrithunjaya and Turiya in meditation

After learning how to meditate we try to make Meditation deeper and longer. Then we realize that there is a limit beyond which we can’t make Meditation deeper or longer. Is Meditation without food or water for many days the last stage of? Or are the concepts of Mrithunjaya and Turiya in meditation more helpful to understand this. There are two states of Meditation, which outwardly go totally unnoticed. However, they are two extreme states of mind, which no one can think of mastering. 1. TURIYA We often jump out of joy for simple reasons, making people to look at us disgustingly. To avoid this we stop having emotions at all. However, this makes our life very dull. How to have maximum pleasure, without having any facial expression or body language? Close to our Positive attitude we have four stages …

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WATCH: 3 Powers to Beautify your life forever | Swami Abhedananda

Swami Abhedananda - Chinmaya Mission SA

This is an inspirational short video excerpt of Swami Abhedananda from the Chinmaya Mission, South Africa. There comes many instances in life when we come across certain people or incidents or actions which make us feel small and suffocated. What is it that we need to have to develop an inner power and strength to remain afresh, alive and alert in such circumstances? Find out your answers in a nutshell in this 4-mins short video of Swami Abhedanandaji. Chinmaya Mission South Africa Ramayana: Chinmaya Mission Durban

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