Rupi Kaur: modern poet

Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur (born 4 October 1992) is an Indian-born Canadian poet, illustrator, photographer, and author. Born in Punjab, India, Kaur immigrated to Canada at a young age with her family. She began performing poetry in 2009 and rose to prominence on Instagram, eventually becoming one of the most popular “Instapoets” through her three collections of poetry. The success of Milk and Honey proved worrisome for Kaur as she struggled throughout the creation of the follow-up, The Sun and Her Flowers (2017). Feelings of burnout occurred after the release but soon subsided. A desire to feel less pressure for commercial success influenced her third collection, Home Body (2020) – a partial response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Considered to be a part of the “Instapoetry” group, Kaur’s work is simplistic in nature and explores South Asian identity, immigration and femininity; her childhood …

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POEM: Look to this day – Kalidasa


Look to this day:For it is life, the very life of life.In its brief courseLie all the verities and realities of your existence.The bliss of growth,The glory of action,The splendour of achievementAre but experiences of time.For yesterday is but a dreamAnd tomorrow is only a vision;And today well-lived, makesYesterday a dream of happinessAnd every tomorrow a vision of hope.Look well therefore to this day;Such is the salutation to the ever-new dawn!Kalidasa – कालिदास Who was Kalidasa? Kalidasa was a Sanskrit poet and dramatist, probably the greatest Indian writer of any epoch. The six works identified as genuine are the dramas Abhijnanashakuntala (“The Recognition of Shakuntala”), Vikramorvashi (“Urvashi Won by Valour”), and Malavikagnimitra (“Malavika and Agnimitra”); the epic poems Raghuvamsha (“Dynasty of Raghu”) and Kumarasambhava (“Birth of the War God”); and the lyric “Meghaduta” (“Cloud Messenger”). Kālidāsa has had great influence on several Sanskrit works, on all Indian literature. He also had …

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UPDATED: Ramadan playlist: spiritual music and poetry

ramadan 2015

Music can be a source of sustaining resolve and spiritual power. As these singers show, in song you can express profound feelings that words are not adequate for. You are likely to be around those fasting so its not recommended to impose your music on anyone. We’ve chosen a ramadan playlist of Indian, Sufi, Urdu and Turkish songs. Playlist Let it play, or click the menu (top right) to select the actual videos and songs. Rumi poem O moon-faced Beloved,the month of Ramadan has arrived.Cover the tableand open the path of praise. O fickle busybody,it’s time to change your ways.Can you see the one who’s selling the halvah—how long will it be the halvah you desire? Just a glimpse of the halvah-makerhas made you so sweet even honey says,“I’ll put myself beneath your feet, like soil;I’ll worship at your …

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International Mother Language Day 21 Feb – learn a language here

Here in Africa our efforts should be at brushing up on our isiZulu, right? But Mother Language is something different. Its some words we use that are rememberings of grandmothers and while they come from a different time, a different place, they are our birthright. Today we have the tools to learn quickly and explore things from the comfort of our screens. Learning languages is a quick way to exercise your brain while opening the world up for your discovery. Tamil Tamil is an ancient language and yet very much alive especially in South Africa and Mauritius. Google is a start, but follow these resources as a guide: Gujurati A North Indian language with its own alphabet, it is one of the fastest growing and most widely spoken Indian languages in the United States and Canada. Gujarati is the …

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Poetry: My Soul Mate

soulmate poem

I want to write on walls, Across the sky, I want to capture our fervent passion in every possible way, I want to compose the love we share.

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