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Puthandu Vaztukal – Tamil New Year 14 April

puthandu 2021

Puthandu marks a new month and start of a year and it is celebrated with a lot of fervour among Tamils and the Thamizh diaspora. People spend time with their families after they clean up the house, take part in prayers and start the day by visiting temples. They eat a lavish spread of delicious preparations in their best traditional clothes. and decorate their homes with beautiful hand-drawn rangolis. It comes after Hindi New Year and Ugadi but coincides with the new year of other traditions in India such as Vishu for people in Kerala, Poila Boishakh in West Bengal, Bihu for those in Assam, Baishakhi in Punjab.  Greetings and statuses in English தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்! – Happy Tamil New Year – Puthandu Vazthukal On this auspicious day of the Tamil New Year, we hope that you and your family …

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Ramadan Kareem! 2021 Iftar and Sehar times: Durban, Gauteng, Cape Town

General Ramadan Prayer times for these regions. during prayer times – Remember, even a few kilometres can change times so use these a general guide and consult your apps or local authority. Sehar Fajr and Iftar Maghrib times are also very location specific. Durban (KZN) Ramadan 2021 almanac RamadanDayApril/MaySeharFajrDhuhrAsrIftarMaghribIsha1Tue134:54AM11:56AM3:12PM5:39PM6:54PM2Wed144:55AM11:56AM3:11PM5:38PM6:53PM3Thu154:55AM11:56AM3:10PM5:37PM6:52PM4Fri164:56AM11:56AM3:10PM5:35PM6:51PM5Sat174:56AM11:55AM3:09PM5:34PM6:50PM6Sun184:57AM11:55AM3:08PM5:33PM6:49PM7Mon194:57AM11:55AM3:07PM5:32PM6:48PM8Tue204:58AM11:55AM3:06PM5:31PM6:47PM9Wed214:58AM11:55AM3:06PM5:30PM6:46PM10Thu224:59AM11:54AM3:05PM5:29PM6:45PM11Fri234:59AM11:54AM3:04PM5:28PM6:44PM12Sat245:00AM11:54AM3:03PM5:27PM6:43PM13Sun255:00AM11:54AM3:03PM5:26PM6:42PM14Mon265:01AM11:54AM3:02PM5:25PM6:41PM15Tue275:02AM11:54AM3:01PM5:24PM6:41PM16Wed285:02AM11:53AM3:01PM5:24PM6:40PM17Thu295:03AM11:53AM3:00PM5:23PM6:39PM18Fri305:03AM11:53AM2:59PM5:22PM6:38PM19Sat15:04AM11:53AM2:58PM5:21PM6:37PM20Sun25:04AM11:53AM2:58PM5:20PM6:37PM21Mon35:05AM11:53AM2:57PM5:19PM6:36PM22Tue45:05AM11:53AM2:57PM5:18PM6:35PM23Wed55:06AM11:53AM2:56PM5:18PM6:35PM24Thu65:06AM11:53AM2:55PM5:17PM6:34PM25Fri75:07AM11:52AM2:55PM5:16PM6:33PM26Sat85:07AM11:52AM2:54PM5:15PM6:33PM27Sun95:08AM11:52AM2:54PM5:15PM6:32PM28Mon105:08AM11:52AM2:53PM5:14PM6:31PM29Tue115:09AM11:52AM2:52PM5:13PM6:31PM30Wed125:09AM11:52AM2:52PM5:13PM6:30PM Johannesburg (Gauteng) Ramadan 2021 almanac RamadanDayAprilMaySeharFajrDhuhrAsrIftarMaghribIsha1Tue135:06AM12:08PM3:26PM5:54PM7:06PM2Wed145:06AM12:08PM3:26PM5:53PM7:05PM3Thu155:07AM12:08PM3:25PM5:52PM7:04PM4Fri165:07AM12:08PM3:24PM5:51PM7:03PM5Sat175:07AM12:07PM3:24PM5:50PM7:02PM6Sun185:08AM12:07PM3:23PM5:49PM7:02PM7Mon195:08AM12:07PM3:22PM5:48PM7:01PM8Tue205:09AM12:07PM3:22PM5:47PM7:00PM9Wed215:09AM12:06PM3:21PM5:46PM6:59PM10Thu225:09AM12:06PM3:20PM5:45PM6:58PM11Fri235:10AM12:06PM3:20PM5:44PM6:58PM12Sat245:10AM12:06PM3:19PM5:43PM6:57PM13Sun255:11AM12:06PM3:18PM5:43PM6:56PM14Mon265:11AM12:06PM3:18PM5:42PM6:55PM15Tue275:12AM12:05PM3:17PM5:41PM6:55PM16Wed285:12AM12:05PM3:17PM5:40PM6:54PM17Thu295:12AM12:05PM3:16PM5:39PM6:53PM18Fri305:13AM12:05PM3:15PM5:39PM6:52PM19Sat15:13AM12:05PM3:15PM5:38PM6:52PM20Sun25:14AM12:05PM3:14PM5:37PM6:51PM21Mon35:14AM12:05PM3:14PM5:36PM6:51PM22Tue45:14AM12:05PM3:13PM5:36PM6:50PM23Wed55:15AM12:05PM3:13PM5:35PM6:49PM24Thu65:15AM12:04PM3:12PM5:34PM6:49PM25Fri75:16AM12:04PM3:12PM5:34PM6:48PM26Sat85:16AM12:04PM3:11PM5:33PM6:48PM27Sun95:17AM12:04PM3:11PM5:32PM6:47PM28Mon105:17AM12:04PM3:10PM5:32PM6:47PM29Tue115:17AM12:04PM3:10PM5:31PM6:46PM30Wed125:18AM12:04PM3:09PM5:31PM6:46PM Cape Town (Western Cape) Ramadan 2021 almanac RamadanDayAprilMaySeharFajrDhuhrAsrIftarMaghribIsha1Tue135:44AM12:47PM3:59PM6:26PM7:44PM2Wed145:45AM12:47PM3:58PM6:24PM7:43PM3Thu155:46AM12:46PM3:57PM6:23PM7:42PM4Fri165:46AM12:46PM3:56PM6:22PM7:40PM5Sat175:47AM12:46PM3:55PM6:21PM7:39PM6Sun185:48AM12:46PM3:54PM6:19PM7:38PM7Mon195:48AM12:45PM3:53PM6:18PM7:37PM8Tue205:49AM12:45PM3:52PM6:17PM7:36PM9Wed215:50AM12:45PM3:51PM6:16PM7:35PM10Thu225:50AM12:45PM3:51PM6:15PM7:34PM11Fri235:51AM12:45PM3:50PM6:14PM7:33PM12Sat245:52AM12:44PM3:49PM6:13PM7:32PM13Sun255:52AM12:44PM3:48PM6:11PM7:31PM14Mon265:53AM12:44PM3:47PM6:10PM7:30PM15Tue275:54AM12:44PM3:46PM6:09PM7:29PM16Wed285:54AM12:44PM3:45PM6:08PM7:28PM17Thu295:55AM12:44PM3:45PM6:07PM7:27PM18Fri305:56AM12:44PM3:44PM6:06PM7:26PM19Sat15:56AM12:43PM3:43PM6:05PM7:25PM20Sun25:57AM12:43PM3:42PM6:04PM7:24PM21Mon35:58AM12:43PM3:41PM6:03PM7:23PM22Tue45:58AM12:43PM3:41PM6:02PM7:23PM23Wed55:59AM12:43PM3:40PM6:01PM7:22PM24Thu66:00AM12:43PM3:39PM6:01PM7:21PM25Fri76:00AM12:43PM3:38PM6:00PM7:20PM26Sat86:01AM12:43PM3:38PM5:59PM7:20PM27Sun96:01AM12:43PM3:37PM5:58PM7:19PM28Mon106:02AM12:43PM3:36PM5:57PM7:18PM29Tue116:03AM12:43PM3:36PM5:56PM7:17PM30Wed126:03AM12:43PM3:35PM5:56PM7:17PM Read: ISLAMIC CALENDAR 2021

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Chennai news 9 April

Mandela Telugu Movie

We just completed our elections in Tamilnadu on Tuesday together with Kerala and Pondicherry. The elections was held over one day and was largely peaceful as can be expected in our state. However, results will only be out on May 5th as they do not want these results to affect the elections in the other states. So, we will get all kind of conspiracy theories till then. West Bengal for example has their elections spread over 8 phases and 8 different days and is still in the progress.  The Feral Nomad ‘If you are in doubt, just be still, and rest will be taken cared of’. No, this is not a popular saying with a deep meaning. This is what I say to my European friends before we cross a road here in Sri Lanka. After a few instances of …

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IPL First Match of 2021 – AB de Villiers shines in RCB’s nervy win over Mumbai Indians 🏏


Harshal Patel delivered a stunning bowling performance before AB de Villiers’ masterclass helped Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) defeat Mumbai Indians by two wickets in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 opening match here at MA Chidambaram Stadium on Friday. Harshal Patel had picked five wickets (three in the final over) to restrict Mumbai Indians to 159 runs in the allotted 20 overs. In response, RCB got over the line on the last ball, courtesy of some fine hitting by De Villiers in the death overs. RCB needed 39 runs off the last four overs and De Villiers ensured his side was right in the game as he brought down the equation to seven runs of one over. But the Virat Kohli-led side did wobble in the end as the South African batsman was run out in an attempt to steal …

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Radio stalwarts leave Lotus FM under Section 189 – their statements here

Lotus fm section 189

621 SABC employees – among them Sagren Naidoo, Tansen Nepaul and Deon Chetty – left the SABC for the last time on Wednesday, 31 March. This number was made up 346 employees who had opted for voluntary severance packages, while 275 people were in positions that had been made redundant. As we reported, it was the end of a long and combative Section 189 retrenchment process. Some of these lights were from Lotus FM, the dedicated Indian radio station. As reported by Sunday Tribune, veteran Sagren Naidoo, with 32 years experience said he didn’t realise the impact he had made until he received calls this week from listeners. “I was doing what I loved best as a music compiler, religious producer and working with broadcasters covering a full spectrum of radio. I worked with some of the stalwarts of radio …

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Happy Hindi New Year, Puthandu and Vaisakhi! It’s New Year again – 12, 13 and 14 April, 2021


The New Year in India and surrounding countries is deemed to start on the 12th, 13th and/or 14 April, 2021. The day coincides with spring harvests and the earthy beginning its annual cycle around the sun, according to the ancient Vikram Samvat calendar system. Puthandu and Vaisakhi are some of the best known names, although the day is celebrated across south Asia, south-east Asia and the diaspora. According to the SAHMS, Hindi New Year is on Monday, 12 April. The first day of the year on the Tamil calendar falls on 14 April 2021. Puthandu (Tamil: புத்தாண்டு), also known as Puthuvarusham or Tamil New Year, is the name for this day and it falls in the month of Chittirai. Puthandu is also celebrated by Tamil Hindus outside Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, such as in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Reunion, Mauritius and other countries …

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Driving to Durban (and back) for Easter Weekend: traffic, weather, tolls, alcohol, N3 info 🚙 🏖 🚧

Road trip

FLASH:You can’t transport booze from midnight tonight! Read more. Y’all have one thing on your mind right now – the long road home. And how to make that short. Driving down for Easter Weekend is allowed, unlike 2020, so this rite of passage takes on extra meaning. Check out weather and traffic for KZN – Durban easter on the N3 here. 24-Hour N3TC Helpline 0800 63 4357 N3 traffic flow N3 traffic route 3 day weather forecast Toll Tariffs NEW toll tariffs from 1 March 2021 (sneaky, eh?) PLAZA                                       Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Mariann Hill                              R13,00 R23,00    R29,00     R45,00 Mooi      …

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Porridge prayers, recipe and amman 2021 resource

marieamman thalattu

Porridge prayers coincide with Good Friday every year, this year being 2 April. Unfortunately, religious gatherings are still limited due to lockdown conditions. Please check with your nearest temples and priests and celebrate carefully. The history of porridge prayers is key to understanding how SA Indians adapted to the new land and the eternal link with Mariamman. Director at Natya Ananda Fine Arts Academy – Verushka Pather, explains how the 1860 indentured labourers traditions are continued by South African Hindus, giving thanks by performing this traditional prayer even under the toughest of situations. Shakthi, as Divine Mother, is portrayed as cosmic energy in its dynamic form. Being the mother of the universe. She is ever ready to heed the call of Her devotees. As such an instance did this force manifest as Muthu Mari Ammen, Muthu (pearl); Mari (rain); Ammen …

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Sureshnie Rider leaves 5FM Roger Good Show, releases official statement

#strictlycomedancing sureshnie rider

5FM Dj Sureshnie Rider has been let go from the Roger Goode Show. This axing was announced last week in a slew of reshuffling from the troubled state broadcaster. Read: #EnoughIsEnough says Sureshnie Rieder 5fm Sureshnie Rider’s Heartfelt Letter To ‘Shanaya the First vs Ewings Sarcoma’ Ryan Nair leaves 5FM – in his own words SABC goes ahead with massive cuts Here is her statement: 5fm has been both my ONE DAY and DAY ONE!. I have been part of the 5fm family for 18 years and on Wednesday, I say goodbye. As a kid, my dream was to ‘ONE DAY’ host the World Chart Show and, it came true with me getting to host the 5fm Top40. A show that won us best Weekend Show and took me all the way to Nashville Tennessee for a sit down with …

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SABC goes ahead with massive cuts


By tomorrow, 1 April, a total of 621 employees will have been let go via the SABC’s protracted Section 189 process and cuts. The state broadcaster on Tuesday said that it had concluded the process and would transition into the new “fit-for-purpose” structure effective 1 April 2021. It faced resistance from employees and worker unions since it initially announced the process in June 2020 and the last week saw the departures of headline stars such as Sureshnie Rider and Ryan Nair. Indian Spice, through its founder, Naufal Khan, was a constant pressure on the once-proud organisation to reform its bloated structure. He exposed the link that poor management had, opening the door to corruption and sexual harassment and jobs for favours. We continue his record of investigations and thereby building better radio and TV for all South Africans. Email us …

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