Stand by us in these testing times, says Chief Minister of Kerala

Unprecedented downpour and floods in Kerala have resulted in heavy loss of life, immeasurable misery and devastation. As is known to all, the calamity with its hitherto unheard of dimensions plunged our State and its people into a pitiable plight. The magnitude of the havoc truly gets reflected in the fact that a vast area of the State still remains submerged in flood waters. Kerala on its own will not be in a position to mobilise the required resources to bridge the gap, reclaim and rebuild, writes Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan As of now, 372 lives have been lost since the onset of the monsoon. Over 26,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Crops spread over 40,000 hectares have been lost. We have lost more than 2 lakh poultry and at least 46,000 milch animals. Floods have washed away many multi-storied …

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Torture in Tibet Report


"Besides the iron chair, the pain of thirst was the second worst torture. Due to the blood loss from my body, I felt like I was dying from thirst, but was only given a very small amount of water. Over time, I got used to hunger and sleep deprivation, but never to being thirsty."

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