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The must try interior trends for 2018

ShareFrom designer chairs with royal prints, wall coverings to sage becoming the new neutral colour tone, interior trends for 2018 have more to do with subtle elegance. Interior design expert Raseel Gujral doles out tips on how to make your living space lively. * Striking accentuated furniture is often the focal point of your living space. Designer chairs with royal prints can stand as the royal throne of your living room. * Incorporate furnishings with traditional motifs and exquisite ornate designs that add the much-needed vibe of neo-classical style to your interiors. * Hand carved teak wood shutters, furniture legs finished with gold leafing, and ornate hand carved base will add the ultimate royal appeal to furniture designs. * To exude subtle opulence through your interior décor, opt for crystal accents and fabric embellished or embroidered with mirror fascia. * …

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