Cars released in THIS decade are the most beautiful, according to science 🚘

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A new study from (Q4, 2021) has revealed that the 2010s produced the most beautiful cars, according to Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio – a mathematical symmetry ratio that influences perceived attractiveness. The golden ratio – which analyses the height and width dimensions of the ‘face on’ view of the car, was used to determine the scientific beauty of over 370 cars. can now reveal all! The results: DecadeDecade’s average % match to the golden ratioMost statistically beautiful vehicle from the decadeCar’s percentage match to the golden ratio2010s90.18%McLaren 720s 4.0 V899.73%2000s87.83%Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe99.20%1970s85.37%Mercedes-Benz C111 – 11 D99.33%1990s84.94%Ferrari F355 GTS95.61%2020s84.00%McLaren GT98.08%1960s79.49%Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada97.99%1980s79.36%Lamborghini Jalpa P35098.08%1950s76.34%Chrysler Plymouth Fury (KP31)95.30%1940s74.48%Ferrari 166 MM Zagato Panoramica88.27% 2010s produced the most statistically beautiful cars can reveal that the 2010s is the decade which produced the most statistically beautiful vehicles. Cars released in this decade averaged an incredible 90.18% match to the golden ratio. Of …

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As Hydrogen economy grows rapidly, Hyundai is expected to lead the HEV market

fuelcell hyundai hydrogen

South Korea’s hydrogen ecosystem grows rapidly. Hyundai Motor, the only automobile manufacturer produces hydrogen electric vehicles (HEVs), will release hydrogen electric trucks next year following its HEV model NEXO. Hyundai Motor’s HEV market share is expected to be strengthened. According to the industry on the 29th, the Environment Ministry has set a goal for supplying HEVs next year to 28,350 units, up 87% from this year. Under the plan, 28,000 HEV passenger cars will be supplied. . The number of trucks has expanded from five to ten. 340 buses are set to be supplied. The budget for HEVs has also greatly expanded from 441.6 billion won this year to 892.7 billion won next year. In addition, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced the first basic plan to implement hydrogen economy at the 4th Hydrogen Economic Committee on the …

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Nissan wants electrified vehicles (ev) to account for 50pc of global model range by 2030


Japanese car manufacturer Nissan unveiled its Ambition 2030 plan on Monday with which it intends to invest heavily in making electric and hybrid vehicles half of its global variety by introducing 23 new car models. “Based on customer demands for a diverse range of exciting vehicles, Nissan will introduce 23 new electrified models [EV], including 15 new EVs by fiscal year 2030, aiming for an electrification mix of more than 50% globally across the Nissan and INFINITI brands,” Nissan said in a statement. The company is planning to build its long-term strategy, Ambition 2030, around the concept of electrification, with the intention of investing 2 trillion yen ($17.6 billion) within five years to accelerate electrification of its line-up as well as level of technology innovation. (ANI/Sputnik)

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Don’t kill your Easter mojo!

Durban Driving

Considering that 65% of road accidents are related to alcohol abuse, let’s hope South African’s are responsible and put safety first this Easter weekend.

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