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USA and UK draw attention to Pakistan’s forced conversions and marriages

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Underlining that Pakistan government narrative and policies have consistently been anti-Hindu, the World Sindhi Congress, an NGO, urged the United Kingdom to pressure Islamabad to hold all parties and community members accountable for forced conversions and forced marriages. In a written submission to British lawmakers Jim Shannon, Marie Rimmer and David Alton on February 18, the WSC – an UK, USA and Canada-based human rights advocacy organization – said Pakistan is known as one of the world’s most religiously intolerant countries. Freedom of religion is loosely legislated, and religious minorities regularly suffer violence and discrimination. The NGO said that the Sindh province has become a difficult place for Hindus under Pakistan’s rule. “Hindus systematically face public and private sector discrimination and human rights violations such as kidnappings, forced conversions, and extortion. Further, attacks on their places of worship have increased …

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