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Sadhguru launches mobile game – Kari and the Lost Shrines – to promote temples


The Sadhuguru, Jaggi Vasudev, has released a mobile game through his Isha Foundation a month after denouncing the neglect of Indian temples. It appears that the ‘Sadhguru game’ is meant to build knowledge amongst the youth as this issues becomes more heated and broad-based. “The wait is over! The mobile game from Isha – Kari and the Lost Shrines – is here. Kari has been entrusted with the mission of finding and putting back lost relics that temples once housed. Help him do that and Experience the joy of reviving temples to their ancient glory!” (Play store), iOS coming soon. Search for Kari Game Reviews of the Sadhguru game 4.9* (435 ratings! from 1k+ downloads) The reviews are looking great, some highlights below:“Wow perfect blend of knowledge, culture and playfulness. More games should be created with these kind …

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Architect of Mahadev statue shares his story

Mahadev Shiva statue

The architect of the landmark Shiva sculpture constructed at Azhimala temple shares his inspiration. Construction of the 58-feet tall sculpture in Gangadhareswara figure in the cliff of Azhimala beach started six years ago. 29-year-old PS Devadathan is the person behind the sculpture of the temple. He started his work at the age of 23 and kept working on the sculpture along with his graduation in fine arts. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shiv Bhakt Rishabh 🕉shivoham🕉 ( “We have to take proper care during construction since the sculpture is near the sea. The sculpture should resist the water and salt content. So, we have mixed some chemicals with cement to resist saltwater. I did complete research after finishing the drawing and 3D images. It has built-in rock, so we have checked the density of rock, wind …

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