Attractive women who claim sexual harassment are believed more often: study

A report published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, uncovers that youthful and appealing ladies who act in a ladylike manner have a higher likelihood of being accepted when making sexual harassment allegations. The findings of this University of Washington-led study involved more than 4,000 participants, reveals perceptions that primarily “prototypical” women are likely to be harassed. The research also showed that women outside of those socially determined norms or “non-prototypical” women are more likely perceived as not being harmed by harassment. That leaves women who do not fit the prototype potentially facing greater hurdles when trying to convince a workplace or court that they have been harassed. “The consequences of that are very severe for women who fall outside of the narrow representation of who a victim is,” said Bryn Bandt-Law, a graduate student in psychology at …

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