Hindu temples reopen in Harare for vaccinated devotees only

harare hinduism zimbabwe

Two Hindu temples in Harare (Zimbabwe), run by Hindu Society Harare (HSH), which have reportedly been closed for months due to COVID-19, have reopened; but entry is restricted for community members “who have had both doses of COVID 19 vaccination”.  Society’s notice issued on August 27 states: …The Anson Road Mandir is also open for all prayer and bhajan groups who wish to recommence their sessions…Please show the guard your vaccination card at the point of entry of the Anson Road Mandir…  Janmastami (which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna) day ceremonies; which include bhajans, thaal arti, prasad; will be held at Anson Road Mandir on August 30 from 03:30 pm to 05:30 pm. But the evening Janmastami ceremonies, performed by priest and his family at Anson Road Mandir will be broadcast live on YouTube and Society’s Facebook.  Commending HSH …

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IS targets Mozambique to re-establish its power; Durban fire-arm case withdrawn


After humiliating defeats in the Middle East, the Islamic State is trying to establish itself in Mozambique where the government’s corruption and ineptitude can give it an advantage. Meanwhile, as it is widely known that ISIS fanboys keep caches of cheap weapons in KZN it comes as a surprise that the courts dismissed an open and shut case of illegal firearm possession. Some of these heroes who stumble around the hills of Northern Natal on weekends in their Mr Price camo pants may end up being a menace to the public. Kelly Alkhouli, a political consultant and the Director of International Relations at the Center of Political and Foreign Affairs (CPFA) writing in The Hill expressed the view that at this stage, the group remains a mere shadow of the threat it once cast, but the Mozambique government’s petty corruption …

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Hindu temples reopening in Harare after COVID-19 shut-downs

Harare temple

Two Hindu temples in Harare (Zimbabwe), run by The Hindoo Society Harare (HSH), which have been closed for few months due to COVID-19, are opening again on March three with various protocols. Temperature of each person entering the premises of the Hindoo Society will be taken and hands will be sanitized at the entrance. Individuals with a temperature not in the permissible range (36.1 °C to 37.2 °C) will be denied entry, an announcement of HSH Executive Committee states. Wearing of masks is compulsory and members will be required to give their names and contact numbers at the entrance and informed to observe social distancing (minimum two meters) within the temple and abide by the tape demarcations. Any person refusing to follow the procedures will be required to leave the premises, the announcement adds. Commending HSH for attempting necessary precautions …

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Zimbabwe: Let us break bread

Mugabe’s exit is reason to rejoice but do not be clouded by the euphoria. Zimbabwe remains a collapsed country, politically and economically. It is still a fragile nation. And it has to be wary.

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