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Sadhguru launches mobile game – Kari and the Lost Shrines – to promote temples


The Sadhuguru, Jaggi Vasudev, has released a mobile game through his Isha Foundation a month after denouncing the neglect of Indian temples. It appears that the ‘Sadhguru game’ is meant to build knowledge amongst the youth as this issues becomes more heated and broad-based. “The wait is over! The mobile game from Isha – Kari and the Lost Shrines – is here. Kari has been entrusted with the mission of finding and putting back lost relics that temples once housed. Help him do that and Experience the joy of reviving temples to their ancient glory!” (Play store), iOS coming soon. Search for Kari Game Reviews of the Sadhguru game 4.9* (435 ratings! from 1k+ downloads) The reviews are looking great, some highlights below:“Wow perfect blend of knowledge, culture and playfulness. More games should be created with these kind …

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Sadhguru releases special Yoga Program for Mahashivratri

Sadhguru mahashivratri

“In the Grace of Yoga” ONLINE is a special Yoga program with Sadhguru happening for the first time ever. The program offers a unique opportunity to make use of the five elements, the building blocks of existence, for your wellbeing. By purifying and mastering the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and space), or pancha bhutas, you can bring your body and mind to a vibrant state of health and rejuvenation, and experience a sense of connectedness with everything around you. The program will culminate during the auspicious time of Mahashivratri with Pancha Bhuta Kriya with Sadhguru live, a powerful process involving mantra (sound), yantra (form), tantra (technology), and sarvanga sadhana (using the human body as an instrument). “The most basic form of yoga to this day is the cleansing of the five elements, known as Bhuta Shuddhi.” – Sadhguru …

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