She Matters

Been Called A Bitch & I Have Had Enough!

Society is a big fan of name-calling when it comes across anything that is beyond its comprehension. While the elderly stick to the age-old scepticism, the youth usually mobilises with slangs that they think will make them sound cool (cuss words that revolve around mothers and sisters). Although the judgement is quick and easy (literally), the parameters to judge one, are mysterious in nature. Shouldering the responsibility, photographer Victoria Krundysheva has come up with a guide to spot a ‘witch’ in guise. That, coupled with powerful imagery that only goes to compliment the satire, her narrative tries to convey!  In a photo series titled, ‘The Witch Hunt’, the photographer is trying to show us a reflection we chose to ignore! “We all know we live in a world full of evil. And how can we, righteous souls protect ourselves from the biggest of them …

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