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Sri Sai Baba idols removed from temples

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Baba has no place in temples, followers of Swaroopanand have started to remove idols from temples. Supreme Court denies Sai devotees legal protection in first battle.

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Madras Judge denied access to club

dhoti, lungi dance

It could go down as the worst publicity for dhoti, considered a 'national attire' in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. A sitting judge of the Madras high court was denied entry into the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association Club at Chepauk on Friday. Reason: He was wearing a dhoti.

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Abused Indian Goddess

In the month of WOMAN. Take a look at Abused Indian Goddesses the provoke our thought process. The visuals strikingly beautiful as well as disturbing represent the social ills of society.

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