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Indian origin OCI cardholders no longer need to carry old passports for India travel


New Delhi [India], March 30 (ANI): People of Indian origin and Indian diaspora having overseas citizens of India card (OCI) are now not required to carry their old, expired passports for travel to India, as required earlier, the Embassy of India in Paris said on Tuesday. According to the Embassy of India in Paris, the Overseas Citizens of India (India OCI) card is required to be re-issued each time a new passport is acquired by the cardholder up to the age of 20 years. “OCI card is required to be re-issued once on acquiring a new passport after completing 50 years of age,” the Embassy said. “The requirement of carrying old and new passports along with the OCI card has been done away with. Henceforth, an OCI cardholder travelling on the strength of the existing OCI Card bearing old passport …

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How to celebrate Nowruz, the Parsi New Year

Nowruz Haft Seen

Nowruz is the Iranian and Persian New Year, which begins on the spring equinox, marking the first day of Farvardin, the first month of the Iranian solar calendar. It is celebrated worldwide by various ethno-linguistic groups, and falls on or around March 21 of the Gregorian calendar. Nowruz falls on March 20 in 2021. Nowruz (also Navroz, Persian: نوروز‎, [nowˈɾuːz]; lit. ‘new day’) has Zoroastrian origins; however, it has been celebrated by diverse communities for over 3,000 years in Western Asia, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Black Sea Basin, the Balkans, and South Asia. It is a secular holiday for most celebrants that is enjoyed by people of several different faiths, but remains a holy day for Zoroastrians, Baháʼís, and some Muslim communities. As the spring equinox, Nowruz marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The moment the …

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Kumbh Mela 2021 goes ahead, but with helicopters, flowers and some covid restrictions

kumbh mela

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat on Wednesday asked senior officials to take steps so that pilgrims, who will come for the first holy dip on the occasion of Maha Shivratri on Thursday, are showered with flowers through helicopters. About the Kumbh Mela The Kumbh Mela is a major pilgrimage and festival in Hinduism. It is celebrated in a cycle of approximately 12 years at four river-bank pilgrimage sites: the Allahabad (Ganges-Yamuna Sarasvati rivers confluence), Haridwar (Ganges), Nashik (Godavari), and Ujjain (Shipra).[ The festival is marked by a ritual dip in the waters, but it is also a celebration of community commerce with numerous fairs, education, religious discourses by saints, mass feedings of monks or the poor, and entertainment spectacle.[ The seekers believe that bathing in these rivers is a means to prāyaścitta (atonement, penance) for past mistakes. Approximately 50 …

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To raise the spirit of Tamil people, temples should be in the hands of devotees – Sadhguru


During his Maha Shivaratri address on 11 March, 2021, Sadhguru pointed out that temples in Tamil Nadu state were declining at a rapid rate. It would be better if they were placed under the care of ardent devotees rather than the government. Sadhguru observed that it was shameful that temples captured for greed by the East India Company 300 years ago, continue to languish in dilapidated states of utter neglect even 74 years after freedom from colonial rule. “If the same situation persists, all but 10 important temples will not exist in the next 100 years,” said Sadhguru ominously. The Free Tamil Temple movement is active in India, especially Tamil Nadu state. Further watching/reading for Free Tamil Temples Free Tamil Temples – Free Tamil Temples – PM Narendra Modi perceived bias

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Google Doodle does India’s Satellite Man – Udupi Ramachandra Rao

Google Doodle honours 'India's Satellite Man' Udupi Ramachandra Rao

Google on Wednesday celebrated the 89th birthday of renowned Indian professor and scientist Udupi Ramachandra Rao, remembered by many as “India’s Satellite Man.” Rao, an Indian space scientist and chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), supervised the 1975 launch of India’s first satellite — “Aryabhata.” The doodle features a sketch of Professor Rao with a background of the Earth and shooting stars. “Your stellar technological advancements continue to be felt across the galaxy,” Google wrote. “Born in a remote village of Karnataka on this day in 1932, Prof Rao began his career as a cosmic-ray physicist and protege of Dr Vikram Sarabhai, a scientist widely regarded as the father of India’s space program. After completing his doctorate, Prof Rao brought his talents to the US, where he worked as a professor and conducted experiments on NASA’s Pioneer and …

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Tandav controversy: Amazon Prime, Director issue apology


Amazon Prime Video that aired the controversial series Tandav, has issued an apology to anyone who felt insulted with the depiction of Lord Shiva in a play within the show by Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub. “Amazon Prime Video again deeply regrets that viewers considered certain scenes to be objectionable in the recently launched fictional series ‘Tandav’. This was never our intention, and the scenes that were objected to were removed or edited when they were brought to our attention,” Amazon Prime said in a statement. he Allahabad High Court on Thursday refused to grant anticipatory bail to Aparna Purohit, the head of India Originals, Amazon Prime Video, in a case filed in Noida against makers of the web series ‘Tandav’ over the depiction of police, the Prime Minister and Hindu Gods and Goddesses. ‘Tandav Shiva apology’ A single-judge bench of Justice …

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India signs trade agreement with Mauritius: additional 100,000 vaccines and military aid


India and Mauritius on Monday signed free trade agreement along with five key pacts. This is the first such agreement with an African country. The agreement was signed during the visit of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar to the island nation. Jaishankar, who addressed the media with the Prime Minister of Mauritius, said India is privileged to have entered the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (CECPA) with Mauritius. “This Agreement is India’s first-such Agreement with an African country as noted by the Prime Minister. It will provide a timely boost for the revival of our post-COVID economies and also enable Indian investors to use Mauritius as a launch-pad for business expansion into continental Africa helping the prospect of Mauritius emerging as a ‘hub of Africa’,” he said. CECPA will provide preferential access to Mauritius for the bulk of trade …

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Auto driver’s daughter becomes Miss India runner-up: Manya Singh’s story

Manya Singh

Aspirations and achievements showcase equal opportunities for all, and here is Miss India runner up Manya Singh, the daughter of an auto driver, proving the same. VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 beauty pageant winners were announced on Wednesday. Manasa Varanasi from Telangana was crowned Miss India 2020, but it is the runner-up, Manya Singh from Uttar Pradesh, who is hogging all the limelight with her inspirational story behind the journey of winning the title. Manya comes from a very modest background in Mumbai. Her parents have struggled to make ends meet but have always supported her dreams. Her family resides in the Kandivali area of Mumbai. Manya’s father Omprakash Singh is an auto driver and her mother Manorama Singh is a hair designer in a beauty parlour in Bandra Area. View this post on Instagram A post shared by 🌀BOLLYWOOD …

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Indian Himalayan Glacier burst: videos

uttarakhand glacier burst

The glacier that burst in Northern India’s Uttarakhand Province resulted in widespread damage, loss of life and ongoing operations. A part of the Nanda Devi glacier broke off Sunday morning, possibly due to climate change. Unseen footage The glacier burst explained

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