Adam Habib ordered down from top UK university job over use of N-word

Adam Habib

In a meeting with the Student Union at the University of London, Habib used the n-word multiple times to make a point. This did not go down well, cascaded into chaos and as a result Habib was suspended as director of the University’s School of Oriental and African Studies. Chair of the SOAS board of trustees, Marie Staunton, said that they were also committed to taking action after student complaints that other lecturers had in the past used the slur without reproach. Staunton said that she had agreed with Habib that he would step aside while the probe took place. 1. I notice some individuals deliberately misrepresented a conversation in a student meeting yesterday. The video is deliberately cropped in a way to misrepresent. Unfortunately many others have rushed to judgement without the full facts. So let me explain what …

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