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10 Bollywood brides who grabbed eyeballs with their dreamy wedding looks


The insane fan appreciation for actors and their films, or thousands of people queuing outside a superstar’s residence just to get a glimpse of the actor waving at his fans, fairly sums up why Bollywood brides capture the imagination of India. Similarly, Bollywood weddings have always been one to look out for. The union of two celebrities in Bollywood serves as an occasion for the entire country. The rooted love for celebrities in our country makes a Bollywood wedding all the more special due to the huge anticipation from fans around the country. From being friends to being the other one’s better half, here are 10 times our Bollywood brides looked surreal on their wedding day. Alia Bhatt Bride of the moment, Alia Bhatt, is the latest Bollywood star to get married amidst huge media speculations. Afresh from her wedding …

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