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Porridge prayers, recipe and amman 2021 resource

marieamman thalattu

Porridge prayers coincide with Good Friday every year, this year being 2 April. Unfortunately, religious gatherings are still limited due to lockdown conditions. Please check with your nearest temples and priests and celebrate carefully. The history of porridge prayers is key to understanding how SA Indians adapted to the new land and the eternal link with Mariamman. Director at Natya Ananda Fine Arts Academy – Verushka Pather, explains how the 1860 indentured labourers traditions are continued by South African Hindus, giving thanks by performing this traditional prayer even under the toughest of situations. Shakthi, as Divine Mother, is portrayed as cosmic energy in its dynamic form. Being the mother of the universe. She is ever ready to heed the call of Her devotees. As such an instance did this force manifest as Muthu Mari Ammen, Muthu (pearl); Mari (rain); Ammen …

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Canefields to Freedom

Tribhangi Dance

Canefields to Freedom promises a heart-wrenching tale of the indentured Indian labourers, dancing from the heart, this 14 cast troupe make up this ensemble to present Canefields to Freedom, and infectiously exhilarating dance drama at The Dance Factory, 10 Henry Nxumalo Street, Johannesburg for 3 nights only!

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